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Research Roundtable: Developing Cities

A meeting to explore how social and physical sciences could work together to address challenges in low-income countries and cities. There will also be a focus on the partnerships we already have in place in low-income countries and how we could build new partnerships.

Thursday 26th April 2018, 1pm – 3pm, Room A205a, School of Engineering

This first meeting will be framed around three themes, with a short presentation on each followed by an open discussion about building research teams around each theme and potential future themes. Representatives from Research and Impact Services will be there to aid discussion around different funding avenues that might be pursued.

Themes to be covered

Medical Technology in Africa I Water Quality I Thermal Public Health

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If you are interested in exploring any or all of these themes and how they might fit with your own research interests, we would love you to come along. Please register here.