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Humanitarian Engineering Symposium 2018

Monday 10th December 2018, Scarman, The University of Warwick

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This symposium, now in its third year, will bring together scientists, engineers and practitioners from across academia, industry and non-governmental organisations to discuss, share and promote current research and developments into three interconnected themes linked to economic, sociocultural and environmental sustainability:

  • disaster risk reduction

  • safe engineering

  • resilience of critical infrastructure to disasters

In 2018, the Symposium will have a geographical focus on South East Asia.

The objectives of the Symposium are to:

  • Foster knowledge sharing, networking, and cooperation in humanitarian engineering fields;

  • Focus attention on innovators and enabling technologies supporting humanitarian principles and ways of operating;

  • Consider the initiatives that are currently underway in humanitarian engineering research, education and training;

  • Contribute to a worldwide movement to advance science and engineering for humanity.

The agenda includes the following themes:

  • Building resilience against disasters in Asia - lessons learnt and lessons implemented
  • Resilience against landslide hazards
  • Resilience in critical infrastructure, housing and utilities

In the afternoon, there will be two parallel round table discussions on building capacity in research and building capacity in education and pedagogical research.