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Science and Innovations for a Sustainable Future

How can researchers in science-related fields work with external partners to drive progress towards a more sustainable future for food systems, natural resources, and health?

28th March, Radcliffe Conference Centre, University of Warwick, 10:00am - 3:30pm

In person event

As global population continues to increase, we are facing a range of complex and interconnected challenges that impact our food systems, natural resources, and health. The need for sustainable solutions has never been more pressing, and the role of bioscience research in addressing these challenges is critical. The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) have identified key priorities to support research that addresses these challenges, including sustainable agriculture and food, renewable resources and clean growth, and an integrated understanding of health.

This event aims to bring together Warwick researchers to explore these priorities, discuss potential collaborations with external partners, and provide training on how to improve external visibility and networking.

Join us on March 28th at the University of Warwick to be a part of this important conversation and help drive progress towards a sustainable future.

Objectives of the Event

Information Sharing

To provide researchers with an opportunity to learn about BBSRC and UKRI strategic priorities and funding opportunities

Network & Visibility

Facilitating networking and collaboration between academia and external partners, as well as showcasing success stories and best practices from academia and industry.

Collaboration & Impact

To provide training on how to improve external visibility and set up collaborations with industry

Target Audience

  • Warwick researchers from all disciplinary backgrounds who are working on projects related to BBSRC themes.
  • Early career researchers in science-related fields
  • Postdoctoral researchers and technicians
  • Industry professionals who are interested in collaborating with researchers



Registration, refreshments and networking




Professor Caroline Meyer, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research)



Overview of the Day

Christine Bell, Director - Centre for Facilitation



Plenary - Sciences for Sustainable Futures: Opportunities and Challenges for ECRs

Chair: Professor Michael Chappell, Health GRP

Speakers (10 minute presentations) :

    • James Phillips - Senior Portfolio Manager – Agri-food Business and Innovation (BBSRC) - remotely via Zoom
    • Doug Roberts, CSO Erebagen
    • Professor Murray Grant, Elizabeth Creak Chair in Food Security
    15 minutes Q&A
    Coffee Break
    12:00 - 13:00 Parallel sessions
    Workshop 1

    Sustainable agriculture and food

    Professor Rosemary Collier, Academic co-lead Food GRP

    Workshop 2

    Advanced manufacturing and clean growth

    Dr Soroush Abolfathi, Academic co-lead Sustainable Cities GRP

    Workshop 3

    Bioscience for an integrated understanding of health

    Professor Michael Chappell & Professor Lawrence Young, Academic co-leads Health GRP

    Lunch & Posters
    14:00 - 15:30 Parallel Sessions
    We are planning to host two events in the afternoon. The first activity is a scoping session aimed at senior academics to explore the process of submitting a bid for the UKRI announced call on the Centre for Climate Change and Health. Running in parallel, there will be a training session for early career researchers (ECRs).
    EOI Funding and Scoping Session

    Exploring Opportunities and Strategies for the UKRI Climate Change and Health Grant Call

    This 90 min session is an opportunity as senior researchers to explore the UKRI “Centre in climate change and health” funding call and consider what individually and as an institution we might bring to it.

    This session will be facilitated to provide structure so we have can reach clarity about whether we should invest in the development of a call proposal

    Early Career Researcher Training

    Charting Your Path: A Group Coaching Session for Academic Researchers

    This group coaching program supports academic researchers in navigating career transitions and engaging with industry partners and policymakers for career advancement. Our expert coach guides you through an interactive session to identify your key next steps and begin to create a sustainable career path aligned with your values. If required the session might provide guidance on leveraging LinkedIn to connect with like-minded researchers and potential collaborators or perhaps, led by you we may focus on your blind spots and mindset shifts required. Join us on this journey and put yourself in a strong position for your career.

    Closing Remarks

    Robert Hollingworth , Research Impact Manager (School of Life Sciences, Statistics, Mathematics, Psychology and Warwick Medical School)


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