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Sample Preparation

Using a combination of FIB/SEM and TEM, a cross section of a sample can be investigated. We can use the Jeol 4500 FIB/SEM to remove a section of a material with precision as shown below:


Cutting of section


Removal of section


Placement onto new surfaces

The resulting cross section of the sample can then be imaged in detail using one of our three TEMs; the ARM 200F, the Jeol 2100 LaB6 or the Jeol 2000FX.

These measurements are specialist, so if you want to find out if your samples are suitable please contact one of our team!


The micromanipulator can be used to pick up small objects (from a few hundred nm to tens of microns) which would otherwise be impossible to handle. An example is shown below:


Selection of 'nanobeam'


Contact to 'nanobeam'


Removal of 'nanobeam'