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The Commission shall be supported by a dedicated Secretariat at UoW who shall undertake and facilitate:-

  1. An open call for evidence - related to the key questions/issues identified in the KLOIs. Evidence will be sought:-
    a) via a digital media platform,
    b) directly from key business, governmental, academia, and social partners in bilateral interviews, discussions, and at relevant third party meetings
    c) from a 'Junior Commission' exercise and event during Summer/Autumn 2015
  2. A short series of open hearings, 'round tables' and expert panels will be convened over Summer 2015 focused at the three levels of geography and the major KLOI issues to which key stakeholders shall be invited
  3. Desk research and evidence review by the in-house team of existing UoW impact; University, local and regional ambitions; and University-place good practice
  4. Commissioned research - Specific pieces of work may be commissioned to aid Commissioner deliberations and/or to support local leadership ambitions directly related to the KLOIs. In particular, UoW shall support a LEP-led exercise to develop the two-University 'co-anchor' propositions for UoW, CU and Coventry and Warwickshire LEP area

These exercises shall provide material for consideration and analysis by the Commission in drafting its final report. The final report will set out a longer term vision for UoW in the region; and a series of recommendations for progressing that vision, together with supporting evidence from the research, consultations and deliberations.