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Key Lines of Inquiry

The Commission's KLOI will seek to address the following questions:-

  1. What needs to happen at both UoW, local and regional levels in order for:-

a) UoW to play a central role in delivering Coventry, C&Ws and the Midlands economic and social ambitions in the medium and longer terms

b) UoW, CU and other major local role players to identify and agree their respective contributions to C&Ws priorities, and to work collaboratively when there are synergies in delivering those contributions

c) UoW to play pivotal and progressive role(s) in:-

I. addressing disadvantage and exclusion in communities and neighbourhoods where it has a major physical, student or employee footprint

II. building capacity in and enabling local communities both of place and interest (e.g. ethnic, class etc.) to articulate and progress their ambitions

In progressing the agendas above, the Commission shall actively explore:-

2. The balance between corporate, strategic UoW approaches to local and regional agendas, and a more decentralised and polycentric approaches pursued by individual UoW departments, faculties and arms-length institutions

3. Major opportunities, especially those sought by local and regional 'partners', that UoW should prioritise and pursue over 2015-20, to increase local and regional impact beyond existing programmes and plans. Initial discussions have identified the following:-

a) Building on the potential of Midlands-wide partnership working such as the M6 ERA initiative
b) The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) Statement of Intent
c) The Coventry Capital of Culture ambitions and proposals
d) A wider Coventry 'City of Learning' proposition

As a global research University, the Commission will seek to ensure UoWs evolving approach to relationship with place can have relevance, and be promoted more widely, to influence national policy and international good practice.