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Terms of Reference

The Chancellor's Commission is an independent inquiry established to consider the future role of University of Warwick (UoW) in Coventry, Warwickshire and the wider region. It will create a longer term vision for UoW's place in the region; formulating recommendations that ensure UoW’s relationship to 'places' are strong, evolving and continue to build on the original vision for UoW of five decades ago.

The Commission is chaired by Sir Richard Lambert, and comprises experts acting in an independent capacity, from UoW, regional and national role players. It is supported by a UoW executive team.

The inquiry will consider economic, social and physical impacts of the university at community and neighbourhood, local authority (LA), local enterprise partnership (LEP) and regional levels; and the contributions the university can and should make to local and regional leadership of place. It will pay particular attention to UoW’s position as a global research campus on the edge of the city of Coventry; to our relationship with the City of Coventry and the many organisations representing the interests of the City; and to our roles in Warwickshire and any wider 'Midlands' construct.

The Commission shall report to the UoW’s Senior Management Team and UoW Council. It shall seek to gain ownership of recommendations from leadership teams and relevant partnerships at community, LA, LEP, and regional levels.

The Commission shall seek to make a contribution to ongoing national policy debates on enhanced devolution, local growth, and public services reform - and the roles and functions of universities (HEIs) in these.