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Benefits of recruiting Warwick postgraduate students

Masters postgraduates

Warwick’s masters programmes are intensive courses which build on a student’s intellectual and analytical skills gained during their undergraduate studies.

Our masters programmes develop both a student’s in-depth knowledge in a particular subject area, as well as core skills which can be directly transferred to the workplace.

Throughout their studies, Warwick masters’ students will have learnt to:

  • manage an intensive workload with tight deadlines
  • develop self-discipline and self-motivation
  • work as part of group and communicate effectively
  • deliver presentations to a variety of audiences.

As well as offering core workplace skills, many of our masters postgraduates also offer employers substantial, previous work experience.

Doctoral (PhD) postgraduates

Whilst some postgraduate students will want to specialise and remain in academia, many others will be keen to apply their skills in the wider job market.

During their study, our postgraduate students are essentially working and are expected to meet deadlines, achieve goals and report to their supervisor. By the end of their studies, students may well have gained a greater wealth of experience and skills than many of their peers working in entry level positions, as they will have taken on more responsibility more quickly.

Warwick PhD students offer employers highly developed skills, including:

  • enhanced organisational skills and excellent problem-solving abilities
  • an analytical approach to working and in-depth research skills
  • project management experience gained from managing large-scale research projects
  • excellent communication
  • ability to work collaboratively with networking expertise and contacts.