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Workshop resources and materials

Workshop Resources & Materials:

Any materials you need to attend or review after a workshop will be provided to you through the Researcher Development Online site.

We do supplement our RDO with stand alone Moodles and training resources so please check out what resources are available.

e-Learning Resources

Our online, e-Learning resources cover a wide range from the Digital Tools you will need as a researcher, research integrity and research ethics and research methods.

We also have videos on how to survive your viva. But with our move to an online delivery in May 2020 means that our online resources are focussed around the RDO teams site.

Warwick Skills Forge - your Professional Development Tool

How do I use Warwick Skills Forge?

What can I do with my Development Needs Analysis?

How do I book?

How do I add my information?

All these questions and more are answered here...

Includes guide books for staff and PGRs

Why use Warwick SkillsForge?
A PhD's view

Should I choose and academic or non-academic career?

These four videos will help you think about which path that you want to pursue; and what you will need to be successful.

Also you should consider talking to Student Opportunity - Warwick's Careers and employability specialists

Employer's Views - What do employers value in a PhD?