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Writing Focus

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Location: Microsoft Teams

This event has been organised by Researcher Development. For any enquiries, please contact



Writing Focus

Have you a chapter/ paper/ article that you need to get on and write?

Are you procrastinating or stuck? Need time commitment or feedback?

The Writing Focus sessions offer you both.


Turn up and write in 25-minute chunks, taking a short break in between. This focussed group activity keeps you on task, accountable and productive.

Or are you needing some feedback or advice on grammar, paragraph sign posting or argument construction. Then book yourself 20 minutes with our writing tutor who will help you get back writing.


(You can also give yourself some focussed reading time as well)

Bring your current project, your current problem and have 90 minutes of constructive, productive work.




Who is this for?

Stages of PhD

Early 0-14 months

Mid 12-24 months

Late 24-finish


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