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Information About Payments

New Starters

You do not need to contact the PG Scholarships team directly to make them aware of your fee and/or stipend award. This will be processed following request from your department or the Doctoral College and cannot be done without their approval. This will be done in time for you to receive the 1st instalment shortly after you fully enrol. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your department directly.

All payments of stipends to postgraduate students are paid by BACS to your nominated UK bank account. Payments are dependent on:

  • Us having an instruction from your department or the Doctoral College for the payment
  • You are fully enrolled as a student, including meeting all your visa requirements, via the online enrolment system
  • You uploading your UK bank account details

If you have any queries regarding your payments:

To set up your bank details, log into the Student Records system and then navigate to the Finance page (My student records; My data; Finance). Click in the container that is headed "Collecting bank details for payments to student" and follow the instructions.

If you have been awarded a stipend, this will be for a set amount of time, usually between 3 and 4 years if you are a full-time PhD student. This will have been communicated in your funding offer letter. This total award is split into a set number of monthly stipend payments, which you can expect to receive in advance at the start of each month. You will receive stipend payments from the start of your course until all payments have been issued, you submit your thesis for examination, or you permanently withdraw (whichever is sooner). This may not be the same length as your registration period, which is provided as a standard amount of time.

For example, if you are awarded a 3.5-year scholarship from October 2022, you can expect to receive 42 monthly stipend payments, with your final stipend payment at the start of March 2026. Your formal funding end date would be 31 March 2026.

You should design your research project with the aim to submit your thesis for examination at the end of your funding period, as this will avoid you experiencing unnecessary and foreseeable financial hardship.

We advise that you keep your own records of how many stipend payments you have received, and how many remain. Please email if you would like confirmation of your remaining stipend payments.