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Chancellor's International Scholarship T&Cs

Please note that this copy of the Chancellor's International Scholarship Terms and Conditions is for reference only, and is only relevant to those who have accepted a formal scholarship offer.

By accepting the Chancellor’s International Scholarship (CIS), award holders are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions below and are bound by the Funded PGR Student Policy. Scholars should read the Funded PGR Student Policy alongside the Terms and Conditions listed below.


The CIS is normally awarded for up to 3.5 years of full-time doctoral study and normally includes the payment of both academic fees and a maintenance grant to the award-holder. Funding is not retrospective. The length and value of each award is confirmed in the scholarship offer letter.


The University’s decision over fee status will be final. By accepting the award, you have confirmed that you accept your assigned fee status and are not aware of any evidence that might alter this classification. If you do not disclose such evidence and the University becomes aware of it at a later date, your CIS award may be revoked.


Payment of academic fees for the CIS is normally set at the Overseas fee rate.

Payment of the maintenance grant is set at the prevailing UKRI rate.

From 2021 onwards payment of a Researcher Training Support Grant (RTSG) is set at £5,000.


Awards for CIS are ordinarily expected to begin at the start of the next academic year. The award of the CIS may be deferred up until December of that academic year with prior permissions from the Doctoral College and your department. Deferral up to March of that academic year will be allowed in exceptional circumstances with prior permission from the Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies and your department.


Accommodation fees are not directly covered by the CIS. The stipend is intended to be a contribution towards living expenses.


The CIS award-holder is expected to participate periodically in a range of postgraduate recruitment and community focused activities, which might include postgraduate open days; induction events; focus groups; receptions held with potential sponsors or alumni, student talks etc.

These Terms and Conditions are issued by the Academic Director, Doctoral College on behalf of the University of Warwick

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