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Monash-Warwick Alliance Joint PhD Scholarships (Warwick)

Monash-Warwick Alliance Joint PhD Scholarships (Warwick)

For 2023/24 there will be up to 3 scholarships available to be awarded to the most outstanding PhD applicants.

Award Details

Awards made for entry in Autumn 2024 will include both of the following:

  • The full payment of academic fees
  • A maintenance stipend for 3.5 years. This will be paid at the prevailing UKRI rate for the years spent at Warwick, and in line with Australian government rates for the year spent at Monash
  • Travel allowance of £3,000 during the lifetime of the PhD
  • Length of funding: 3.5 years


Applicants must:

Course Application Deadline - 9th January 2024 (23:59 GMT)

Scholarship Application Deadline - 11th January 2024 (23:59 GMT)

Supporting Document Deadline - 18th January 2024 (23:59 GMT)

How to Apply

We strongly advise preparing applications well in advance, noting that it is not usually possible to complete and submit an application in less than 36 hours.

  1. Read the PGR Ranking Criteria and Applicant Guidance Notes 2024/25.
  2. Submit your course application and upload supporting documents.
  3. Receive an automated e-mail with a 7 digit applicant ID number. Please allow at least 48 hours for this to arrive.
  4. Register your ITS applicant account.
  5. Submit your scholarship application by 11th January application deadline. We regret being unable to accept late applications for any reason.
  6. Submit supporting documents by 18th January supporting document deadline. We regret being unable to accept late supporting documents for any reason.
  7. Results of the Monash-Warwick Alliance Scholarship will be communicated by email by 1 March 2024.