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Memorandum on the increased cost of living during the war, 1914-1917

Memorandum issued by the War Emergency Workers' National Committee as a leaflet in 1917. The first page provides information about the Board of Trade 'standard working class budget', this was set in 1904 and acted as the base rate for the government's cost of living index. The second page contains monthly statistics which show the 109% increase in the cost of food between July 1914, when the First World War started, and July 1917.

This item is one of a series of documents on food included in the Research Department papers of the Transport and General Workers' Union.

Front page of leaflet "Memorandum on the increased cost of living during the war, August, 1914 - July, 1917", including summary of the Board of Trade standard working class budget
Statistics showing the rise in food prices, based on the average working class budget, between 1914-1917