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Library Associates

The Library Associates Scheme runs with a small number of departments (English, History and the School of Modern Languages and Cultures). Our Associates work with the Library to help shape Library decision-making and provide communication between students, department and Library. They even spend some of the book budget for their department!

Associates receive training in finding information and book selection and an insight into the workings of the Library.

If you have any feedback about the Library you can contact a Library Associate (below) or your Academic Support Librarian.

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2017-18 Associates



School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Dominic Blaquiere (3rd year)

Charlotte Wilson
(2nd year)

Sophie Blow
(2nd year)

Alexandra Chrysanthou (3rd year)

Ellie Cregg
(2nd year)

Melissa Danvers
(4th year)

Elizabeth Cronin
(3rd year)

Katie Cure
(3rd year)

Rocio Ruiz Rivanayedra
(3rd year)

Hazal Kirci
(3rd year)

Juvan Gowreeswaran
(2nd year)


Jess Smith
(2nd year)

Millie Patyn
(3rd year)


Library associates 2017-18

Some of our lovely 2017-18 cohort of Library Associates

Library Associates Scheme 2016 – 2017

This academic year we ran a pilot of the Library Associates Scheme with the English and History departments. Our Library Associates worked with the Library to help shape Library decision making and provide communication between students, department and Library. They came to talks and “behind the scenes” tours of the Library and led the process of gathering and responding to student feedback on Library services.

Here are some of the issues identified, and the Library’s actions to address them:

Students & staff happily chatting

  1. Problem reading lists: We identified and chased 12 problem English modules, and 4 History ones and got hold of missing reading lists. This has also emphasised to members of academic staff the importance of sending their lists to the Library
  2. English students struggling to access primary texts: We have begun work with the English department to improve the issue of students’ access to primary texts (including closer liaison on reading lists, possible bursaries for poorer students and agreeing a departmental limit for the cost of primary texts to be purchased for a module)
  3. Students would like it to be easier to pass books on to each other: We are liaising with the department, LitSoc, SSLC and SU to arrange a book sale, to allow students to buy and sell primary texts on campus
  4. Students would like it to be quicker and easier to request books for the Library: We are working on a “more books” scheme, to make it easier for students to request the books they need for the Library
  5. Students would like more book stock focused on key areas: We have identified areas of the collection for further development, and spent the allocated money for the Library Associate scheme on these texts
  6. English students would like a regular update from the Library, with news, advice and tips: We have started a newsletter (termly to begin with), to keep English students posted on new developments in the Library

Here is what our Associates said about their time working with the Library:

It’s been brilliant to see the Library not only caring about the voice of the students but also acting on it. On a personal level, it’s been fascinating to see how the Library works and to learn more about the huge variety of services. (3rd year English)
Really good way to get a student voice in Library discussions. Talking to people involved in highest levels of the Library makes it feel like you’re making a real contribution. (2nd year History)
The Library Associate scheme has allowed me to gain an insight into how the Library works, which has massively improved my independent research. It’s been really enjoyable and nice to see the changes the Library has made this year for students. (2nd year History)
The scheme has been great for finding out what students really want from the Library and seeing their recommendations implemented to enact real change. (2nd year English)
The library scheme has been a really rewarding experience for me. I’ve particularly appreciated learning about the way the library acquires books, and why the e-book system is sometimes limited to one user at a time. Witnessing the processes behind the scenes has made me more understanding of the issues the library is facing, and I think if other students saw the same issues they would be less likely to blame the library for problems that it can’t control. (3rd year English)
Engagement from the Library is really valuable. It’s nice to see concerns of students are taken on board. I think people see that and are grateful. (3rd year History)
It has been really interesting to see and understand more about how the Library works. Being involved in improving the library for English students has been a great experience – very rewarding overall. (2nd year English)
Been very enlightening – really gained a new perspective of University management that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. (2nd year History)
I've really enjoyed all the experiences and opportunities the scheme has provided. (3rd year History)

The Library Associates for 2016-17 were:

English History

Bethan Ackerley (3rd year)

Joe Goodhart (3rd year)

Nadia Azimikorf (2nd year)

Joe Jenner (3rd year)

Elizabeth Cronin (2nd year)

Taylor Lees (2nd year)

Hazal Kirci (2nd year)

Milie Patyn (2nd year)

Rosie Lewis (3rd year)

Jonathan Stokes (2nd year)

2016 - 17 Library Associates