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Library Associates


Student volunteers, working with the Library, representing you

Who we are and what we do

  • We are current UG students from multiple departments

  • Giving you Library tips and advice

  • Signposting the Library Services you need

  • Feeding back to the Library what matters to you

  • Contact a Library Associate, email us at libraryassociates at warwick dot ac dot uk

 Get help!

Come to the Library in week 4 and you will find students ready to help you! Whether you would like support navigating the building, finding a book or getting support with an assignment, our Library Associates are here to help you make the most of your Library. Look out for the red Library Associate hoodies and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

  2022-23 Associates

Put a name to a face, see our associates!

 Daira Povez Gamboa


 Ozge Yilmaz


 Chloe Peratikou


 Nina Globerson


 Olivia Collins


 Eve Davis


 Libby Turford


 Kehan (Joy) Yan

Foundation studies

 Matthew Munnelly


 Lauren Ketteridge


 Amy Barrett
 Rebecca Meldon

English & Comparative Literary Studies

 Louise Guillemot


 Anastaisa Cagnoni


 Rebeka Elliot

Applied Linguistics

 Tanyia Jojy


 Daisy Shead


 Charlotte Smith


 Disha Agarwal


 Lucy Wells

English and Theatre Studies

 Imogen Ismay


 Comfort Adeoje Sulaiman


 Yuqian Li


 Kam Rindfuss


 Susan Tsang

Law and Business

Why become a Library Associate

Why become a Library Associate? - recording transcript

[Music] Being a Library Associate has been a really enjoyable experience. There's a real social aspect to the role, meeting new people and from other departments and having informal chats between students and staff.

So, as part of the scheme, you get to learn about different things in the Library that you may not have learnt about before. So personally, I learnt about a tool called Article Reach which really helped me and I got to pass it along to friends and course mates and they really thought that was quite useful.

The time commitment is really manageable. It's three times a term, usually for meetings and I'm usually in the Library anyway, as a humanities student, so definitely manageable.

So as part of the scheme, you get to feedback other people's opinions and worries about module reading lists. The main worry sometimes as an English student is, being able to get the right books and things like that, so I was able to feedback as part of the scheme maybe which modules are harder to find books for and things like that so it was really quite a useful thing to be involved in.

Some of the things we do: a tour of the Modern Record Center and tours of staff areas at the Library. It's definitely behind the scenes information that we gain from the scheme.

So as well as being able to take a tour of the Modern Reference Center, we were able to give a tour from our perspective and that did show the Library staff what parts the Library we really use as well. The main role of being a library associate is being the link between the department and the library and just being that go-between person that can interact with both sides.

So what was said on the scheme, is really valued by the Library staff and senior management and sometimes they come and sit into some of our meetings, as well, so it's quite nice for them to get to hear one-on-one, as well.

Some of the skills that I've learned, have been teamwork and communication via Facebook and small group interactions and this has really increased my confidence.

The scheme has really helped me and had some really good points to my CV and this was actually picked up by an interviewer and I was able to talk about my experiences on the scheme so it was really quite good.

The scheme has definitely helped bring change and definitely helped to shape the library. [Music]

Why contact a Library Associate

Why contact a Library Associate? - recording transcript

[Music] The Library Associates is a group of students who create a link between the departments with my Library. We meet in the Library to discuss what students need.

You may be reluctant to talk to staff about any problems or issues, you're having, so you can go to a fellow student. It might be easier or more comfortable and know that they'll pass on your issues.

It's worth really raising your concerns with a Library Associate because things really can change and your opinions will be taken seriously.

All feedback is really valued, big or small, and if something can be acted on it will be, like plug sockets which we've now increased the amount of so you can charge a laptop or your phone and water coolers which are now on every floor.

Another change which has happened due to the scheme is, the three-day loan for prime English primary text. So, instead of having them in the short loan or having them the long-term loan, you get them for a short period of time which means that more students get to read the books which is really good.

The more books scheme has come directly from the Library Associates and it's a more obvious quicker and easier way to request books from the Library.

The Library Associates can really help you and because they can put you the right direction. If you want to help the referencing or just finding a book, they can help you find the right academic support staff in the Library.

Library Associates are really easy to get hold of by email, on the website, or via social media and you can find out who they are on the website.

It's really worth contacting the Library Associates because you really can help shape the Library. [Music]

Reflections on the pandemic

Our 20/21 Library Associates reflect on their experiences of the Library during the pandemic.

Reflections on the pandemic - recording transcript


So, I guess just knowing that the Library staff are constantly there, whether they're working from home or sitting in the library with fire drills, like sometimes Richard is. Just being able to reach out to them ask for advice and ask for guidance has been a huge relief, even during the hardest points of remote working. Having that support system still continue into remote working has really, really been helpful.


So, one of the biggest things for me has just been how the Library have managed to keep things running so smoothly. So obviously people are struggling enough as is, so the fact that I don't have to worry about my sources being online, or I can access postal loans, it's just made things so much better for me, so much easier.


One of the most important library services that has helped me during the pandemic has been "Click & Collect". When the Library was closed, I was worried that I'd no longer have access to books. In preparation for assignments, I often rely on printed material for my research as, unfortunately, not everything is available online, but the "Click & Collect" service has been really useful for me, especially as I'm currently living close to campus. I've used the service about four times now, and all my requests have been processed really quickly, and I was able to collect my books the day after I submitted the online form. So, I found the process really simple and convenient while the Library has been closed. There are also staff members nearby in the Library to help me out when I had an issue finding my book, but I think it's also helpful that the Library is offering postal deliveries for books, and some of my course mates who are currently at their home addresses have been using this service and have had positive experiences with it.


One thing that really helped me was the Warwick Library Instagram page. When I was missing campus, seeing those lovely pictures for taken from all around the campus was really really nice, reminding me what campus looked like and also just giving me that sentimental feeling. Also, it was really great how it was promoting events run by the Library and I could easily see what I could take part in and join. I would definitely recommend giving it a follow so that you can see all the posts yourself.

Elliot 2

Obviously, without the postal loan system and with without all of this, it would just be so much more stress and so much more anxiety-inducing, and I'm sure we've all got enough of that at the moment as is, so it's just been a huge help, a huge help.

Fay 2

I think that the hardest sort of thing to do during remote working is keep that motivation, so having the different Study Happy events, especially "Switch On & Work", has really helped me to switch on my working, rather than switch on Netflix, and actually keep my productivity going through the pandemic.

Jessica 2

Being part of the Library Associates scheme has also been really beneficial. In meetings, I'm able to bring feedback from my course mates who perhaps have had a problem with the library, such as accessing e-resources or navigating the library website, and I'm then able to discuss and present that feedback with library staff. So I always encourage anyone to get in contact with the library associate via the library webpage, as this ultimately helps to implement positive changes that benefit students, and ensure they receive support, especially during these times.

Elliot 3

So, the fact that um that, I can access chapters or entire books through the Scan & Deliver or the postal loan system just meant that I can proceed as usual almost. Obviously, I miss the sort of communal aspect going to the library and everything but it's just made so much of a difference, it's been so much easier...

Fay 3

As a Library Associate I get to bring forward things that I've noticed that the Library could be doing or ways that they could be better supporting students. One of the things that I mentioned at the start of this academic year was the well-being resources that the Library could promote to students. This was listened to by pretty much everyone across the Library, and very quickly the Library started putting into action bringing together new resources or resources that the Library already has to better support students. It was a really nice experience to bring forward something that I noticed the Library could be doing, and be involved in actually getting that put into action and see progress being made towards helping the students.

Elliot 4
It's been nice having the Library Lounge there, obviously, you can't go to the library at present. Most people aren't even on campus so that isn't an option anyway, even though we're in a national lockdown. But it just gives you, I guess, a communal outlet, it makes you feel like you're still in touch with people, I suppose, outside of you know seminars and talking to people anyway. It just adds a little bit of that that pleasant noise to proceedings as well. And there are plenty of opportunities to get engaged with the Library, the Online Lounge; Update: 19/4/22 - Please note that Library Online Lounge (LOL) mentioned in this video is no longer active, and talk to people, discuss things so yeah that's really pleasant being there.

You said, we did

Here are some of the issues identified by previous Library Associates, and the actions we’ve to address them:

New students struggling to navigate the Library: in 2019-20 we ran a face to face peer support scheme, where the Associates helped hundreds of new students find material in the Library in term 1. In 2020/21 the peer support went online, with drop-in sessions held on Teams and Instagram Live and Library Associates’ top tips shared via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Students wanted help using e-books and browsing Library resources online: we created videos to support people using electronic sources and showing the various ways you can browse our print collections online

Students would like more individual study spaces and a leisure section for relaxation: the Associates took part in discussions about the Future Library, and their feedback is reflected in plans to refurbish the physical Library. Meanwhile, an online book group, “Within Books”, run by the Library and the Emotional Intelligence society and open to all, promotes leisure reading

Each year we have identified and chased problem modules and got hold of missing reading lists. This has also emphasised to members of academic staff the importance of sending their lists to the Library.

Students would like Study Happy activities to happen outside of 9-5, more regularly and for shorter periods: moved our events online and changed the schedules and frequency

English students struggling to access primary texts: We worked with the English department and SSLC to improve students’ access to primary texts. We changed all primary texts on reading lists to 3 day loans, to ensure the maximum number of students can access a Library copy.

Students would like it to be easier to request books for the Library to buy: We now have a “more books” scheme, running at key points in most academic years, to make it quicker and easier for students to request the books they need for the Library.

Students would like it to be easier to request books for the Library to buy: We now have a “more books” scheme, running at key points in most academic years, to make it quicker and easier for students to request the books they need for the Library.

Students would like more book stock focused on key areas: We have identified areas of the collection for further development, and spent the allocated money for the Library Associate scheme on these texts.

English students would like a regular update from the Library, with news, advice and tips: We now have a termly newsletter, to keep English students posted on new developments in the Library.

Vlogger’s tips video

This video was created by our 2019/2020 Library Associates to support new students using the Library.

A Vlogger’s tips - recording transcript

Rhys: What's up guys! Welcome back! I've got a ton of essays due so, today I was spending all day at the Library.

Rhys: I'll be bringing my friend Keshav here, a Library Associate, and I'll be showing him and you my top 5 Library tips.

Rhys: First of all, make sure you find your favourite spot in the Library. This is mine. Plan your desk space and a great view.


Rhys: I always listen to music to help me concentrate on my essays. Remember to put on your headphones so you’re not disturbing others.


Rhys: Always bring plenty of snacks to keep you going for a long study sesh.


Rhys: Remember to take a break away from your work so you don't get burnt out.



Rhys: Time to find some resources. If you can't find a book, don't worry about it, you can find all you need on the internet, I always do.


Rhys: Oh, that was fun wasn't it?

Keshav: It was, but maybe next time, we could film my library tips?


Feedback from last year’s Associates


Our 2020-21 Student Associates group

Our 2019-20 Student Associates group