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Professional endorsement for our Foundation Degree in Early Childhood at CLL

The Centre for Lifelong Learning is proud to offer a high-quality Foundation Degree in Early Childhood. The first students to complete the degree will graduate this summer, in 2019. The degree is offered part-time for Early Years practitioners and other people with relevant experience. It is offered at two sites, the University of Warwick and North Warwickshire and Hinckley College. The degree is endorsed by the professional association ‘Sector Endorsed Foundation Degrees in Early Years’ (SEFDEY)

What is SEFDEY?

SEFDEY is a professional association intended to provide a 'voice’ for early years and to endorse the quality of Foundation Degrees offered within the sector. The University has to adhere to the requirements of SEFDEY recognised programmes in order to be eligible for endorsement.

To be eligible for this endorsement, our degree had to demonstrate that it:

  • Is current in relation to policy and practice
  • Takes account of current government strategies and initiatives
  • Is research-informed
  • Ensures students are in relevant paid employment or gaining appropriate experience
  • Ensures that on completion of the programme all students have developed knowledge and understanding of and are able to contribute to the protection of children from all forms of abuse and are aware of their responsibilities in this regard
  • Develops students’ capacity to lead, support and work collaboratively with others



This endorsement offers reassurance to students, parents and employers that the course they are embarking upon is a quality programme, suited to the needs of the local and national workforce.

Find out more about our Earlychildhood programmes or Dr Sarah Cousins' work at CLL.