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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my text be edited?

Yes it may be. This is to ensure we keep stories of similar length and suited to the method of communication.

Can I submit information about my company/new book?

Of course, we want to hear about you and your stories, but please be aware Warwick cannot endorse your book or company.

How long does my information stay up on the website?

We will refresh content every 3-6 months to keep stories fresh and relevant.

What is my alumni number?

Your alumni number is your old student ID starting with “A” in front. If you are unsure of your alumni number please email with your full name and date of birth.

What does the year signify?

All alumni will appear with the name of their course and a year. This denotes their graduation year.

I've just seen a story of an old friend and want to get in touch. How can I do this?

Unfortunately we cannot give out personal information such as postal or email addresses and phone numbers. However, we do offer a forwarding service through which we can forward your email or letter. Please contact