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New issue of Feminist Dissent: Challenging Binaries to Promote Women's Equality

The open-access journal Feminist Dissent is based the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies at the University of Warwick, and its latest issue is a special on 'Challenging Binaries to Promote Women's Equality'. You can read it here.

Thu 29 Nov 2018, 11:32 | Tags: Publication, Research

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Sue Lemos Winner of the Olivette Otele Paper Prize

Sue Lemos wins the Olivette Otele Paper Prize for her paper on Queering Black Politics: The Black Lesbian and Gay Centre (Project) in London, 1980s-1990s

Fri 30 Jul 2021, 14:56 | Tags: Award Research Postgraduate Publication

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Publication success on marine conservation in World Development journal

Image credit: Dr Marco J Haenssgen

Led by Dr Marco J Haenssgen (Assistant Professor in GSD) with a team of authors from the School for Cross-faculty Studies including Dr Jess Savage (Senior Teaching Fellow in GSD) and Dr Godwin Yeboah (Senior Research Fellow in IGSD), the first paper from Dr Jess Savage’s Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) project on “Protected Areas and People” has been published in the leading international development journal World Development.

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New publication in Classical Receptions Journal by Dr Bryan Brazeau

Dr Bryan Brazeau, Senior Teaching Fellow in Liberal Arts, has recently published an article in Classical Receptions Journal entitled “‘Defying Gravity’: Prose Epic and Heroic Style in Lucrezia Marinella’s 1602 Vita di Maria Vergine.

Wed 07 Jul 2021, 12:08 | Tags: Liberal Arts Research Publication Staff stories

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Who knew potatoes could be this political?

Rebecca Earle's new book reviewed in The Telegraph on 20 June 2020, and here is a blogpost she wrote about the book:

Baked potato saved my life’, sang Matt Lucas, in a fundraising video for the NHS that brought smiles to faces across the UK. The joyful silliness helps explain its appeal. Of course a baked potato can’t save anyone’s life. Or can it'

Fri 26 Jun 2020, 08:59 | Tags: Publication

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Creative Malfunction: Finding Fault with Rowhammer

New paper! In 'Creative Malfunction: Finding Fault with Rowhammer, CIM's Matt Spencer examines one of the most significant hardware vulnerabilities of recent years for what it tells us about the nature of repair and transformation in computational systems.

Mon 19 Jul 2021, 14:05 | Tags: publication