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Signposting and Opportunities

It is important to emphasise that there is extra assistance provided by the university: training guides, list of contacts across the university as well as emergency contacts, opportunities for professional land personal development, academic training programs, etc. With the help of these, students would be aware that there is additional help they can rely on as mentors if they are dealing with any form of difficulties or looking for progression.  


Student support services directory

This includes services regarding academic support, accommodation, health & wellbeing, student opportunity, feedback, financial, community safety, disability and accessibility, equality & diversity, international support, chaplaincy, estates, IT & printing, children’s services.

Warwick Wellbeing Services:

Wellbeing and Student Support (WSS) are available during normal working hours, with Brief Consultation sessions being offered from 10am to 3pm, Monday to Friday via their Wellbeing portal.

Warwick SU Advice Centre:

Free, confidential, impartial and non-judgmental service. We provide advice, information, guidance and representation to help you resolve your problems whilst studying at the University of Warwick. We are also independent from the University. They offer practical advice and support or/and signposting on a range of enquiries which include academic, housing, money, health & wellbeing.

Report and support:

Everyone at the University of Warwick, whether studying, working, or visiting, has the right to feel safe. Harassment of any kind is completely unacceptable, and our community is an environment where prejudice and socially unacceptable behaviour are never tolerated. This service allows to either report anonymously or speak to an advisor.

Example of an SU campaign: Ask for Angela:

If you're feeling unsafe in an SU venue, head to the bar and ask for 'Angela'. Our staff have been trained to help you. Don't be afraid to talk to us, we believe you, and you are not alone.


Nightline is a student-run, confidential, and non-judgmental peer-to-peer support listening service. It is open from 9pm to 9am every night of term and our trained volunteers are happy to listen to anything you may wish to discuss. Nothing is too difficult or too trivial to be worth mentioning. You don’t have to have a problem to speak to us. We do our best to be approachable and we would never think less of someone because they wanted to talk; after all, that’s why we’re here. Don’t worry if you feel uncomfortable discussing personal matters, because we won’t push you to tell us anything you don’t want to – but know that you really can talk to us about whatever you like and this will be held in the strictest of confidence.

#endperiodpoverty campaign:

The SU Women’s Officer have provided free menstrual care products for students in The Rootes building (ground floor), the library (first and third floors), the SU (opposite the reception. You can use this form to request towels, tampons, pregnancy tests, condoms, lube, or dental dams to be collected from locker 21 (ground floor SU HQ near the lift, no key required) on a particular day.

What is the Students Union (SU)?

The Students’ Union provides Representation, Social Activities and Support for the students of Warwick, to try and ensure you have the best possible university experience. You automatically become a member of the SU when you enrol, which means you can join our Sports Clubs and Societies, as well as taking part in our democratic processes, and campaigning on the issues that matter to you. In addition, our network of academic reps ensure you can influence your educational experience, while our Advice Centre can provide support if you need help with any aspect of student life.

Academic opportunities

To find more academic opportunities, visit the Warwick Student Opportunity Webpage

Undergraduate conferences that allow for students to present their research:

The International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR):

An annual, two-day academic conference that showcases the best in undergraduate research from around the world. ICUR is student-centred and student-led, with a team of Student Directors from the Universities of Monash and Warwick. Attendance at ICUR provides material for your CV, extensive feedback, valuable networking opportunities, and an introduction to research as a potential career. Past presenters have described ICUR as a ‘unique experience that enables you to meet students from other countries and learn about issues important to them’, as ‘rewarding, insightful and exciting’ and as a ‘once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’.

British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR):

The British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR) promotes undergraduate research in all disciplines. The Conference meets annually every Spring in a different British university. Undergraduates of all levels are invited to submit papers, posters, workshops and performances to the Conference. Abstracts are peer-reviewed and those accepted will be invited to attend the conference.

World Congress on Undergraduate Research (WorldCUR)

The World Congress on Undergraduate Research (WorldCUR) brings together the world's best undergraduate researchers to focus on some of the most significant challenges facing the global community. Students across the world are invited to share their research, discuss global issues, and create or strengthen international research partnerships.

Learning outside your department

Institute for advanced teaching and learning (IATL):

The core practice of IATL is to support educational innovation through collaborative teaching and student research. IATL aims to generate work that is tangible and useful in the academic community at Warwick and beyond.Studying on an IATL module gives you the opportunity to work with students and lecturers from right across the university, developing connections between ideas, experiences and practice. These skills, of working with people from different backgrounds and developing complex understandings of concepts, are increasingly valued by both students and employers alike and offer you ways of engaging with some of the big questions facing us today. In an IATL module you are not merely learning about the world, you are working with others to develop new ways of understanding it.

Alliance Intensive Study Program (AISP)

AISP is designed to provide you with a dynamic mobility portfolio. It is suited to students interested in only short experiences as well as those seeking an intercalated pathway that connects intensive and semester-length experiences across sites/ locations. It provides a suite of cross-faculty modules and opportunities for block mode teaching. Examples include: Warwick students [home]: traditional Erasmus/ post-Erasmus schemes Monash students [incoming]: The Global Immersion Guarantee, Semester in Prato programs, and Semester exchange at Warwick. 

The Warwick International Intensive Study Programme (WIISP) provides modules under AISP run by Warwick taught by Warwick faculty. In 2022 the aim is for modules to be delivered in person at Warwick main campus and relevant overseas sites in Europe over an extended Term 3 (April to July) period with targets of 80-100 Monash undergraduate students and 100+ Warwick undergraduate students. Students from selected key partners will join Monash and Warwick students attending intensive blended modules over 2-4 weeks, taught either face-to-face or in a hybrid format, offering a variety of credit bearing options.

Warwick Language Centre

We provide language learning opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students, University staff, and members of the public. There are several ways you can learn languages with us. You can take a language as part of your degree or as an extra course to study independently.

  • Academic module programme

The modules in this programme may be taken for credit as part of your degree study or as a standalone module (for a separate fee). They are also open to postgraduate students and university staff. We offer a range of levels, depending on the language, as well as accelerated options for those who wish to develop their language skills at a faster pace. Modules are available in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. Most of our modules are year-long and can therefore be taken for 24 or 30 CATS (determined by your home department). However, to allow flexibility, we have split our highest-level modules in French and Spanish into two part-year modules (12/15 CATS each).

  • Lifelong Language Learning (LLL) Programme

Courses within this programme are available to those wishing to learn a language at a more relaxed pace. We offer a wide range of language courses that can take you from beginner through to advanced level, with the majority of the classes timetabled in the evenings. Languages offered include Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The fees for these courses in 2021/22 are: £250 for students and staff of the university. Upon completion of the course, you may be eligible for a certificate awarded by the Language Centre (the eligibility criteria can be found on our website).


Feminist History group

Co-convened by Anna Hajkova (Associate Prof of Modern European History) and Laura Schwartz (Reader of Modern British History). This group is based in the History Department, but is open to all researchers whose work engages with questions of gender and feminism. We host talks and also provide the opportunity for close reading and in-depth discussion of theoretical (and other) texts. We hope to benefit from cross-disciplinary perspectives, and to develop an informal space in which we can learn from each other in thinking-through what are often challenging conceptual issues.

Sprint program

Women’s Personal Development Programme for UG and PG students (different programmes are available). Sprint is an immersive women’s personal development programme delivered across 7 online sessions. Designed by The Springboard Consultancy in conjunction with Oxford and Cambridge universities in part to help address the gender pay gap imbalance and to equip students with the skills required to enable them to accelerate their potential in all areas of life including academic, personal and career as well as developing a positive mind-set.

Student Funding (academic/business/volunteering)

Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS)

The Undergraduate Research Support Scheme enables Warwick undergraduate students to carry out an interdisciplinary summer research or public engagement project. The scheme is open to all undergraduate students from any year or course, with the exception of exchange students. A URSS bursary can contributes to your living expenses and other associated costs whilst carrying out your project. Each applicant can request up to a maximum amount of £1500 for home and overseas projects.

Short Term Mobility Bursary:

Apply for up to £500 to undertake a short international study, volunteering, unpaid work, or research opportunity. Students seeking funding support towards opportunities during Spring Term and Easter vacation are encouraged to apply during this funding period.

Turing Scheme (Short Term Mobility)

Students undertaking an overseas (outside of UK) in person study, work, volunteering or research opportunity of more than 2 weeks in duration are eligible to apply for a Turing Scheme grant. This includes a one off payment to support your short term mobility opportunity. Examples of funding level are from £240 for 2 weeks, £480 for 4 weeks, or £960 for 8 weeks (rates of payment based on destination as set by the British Council). Additional funding available for students who meet personal circumstances criteria. Funding through the Turing Scheme is only available to fund summer opportunities up to 31 August.

IATL’s Project Support

IATL is inviting applications for project support from both students and staff which explore ways of fostering community and reimagining the future of learning at Warwick. Students can also apply for funding for research and performance projects of up to £1500 (up to £10 000 when in collaboration with a member of staff). Through our project support, we seek to cultivate imaginative responses to current circumstances, and reimagine possible futures for education. We value the knowledge produced by staff and students at Warwick and invite both co-created and student-led applications. We particularly welcome applications that emphasise the sharing of learning and practice developed during the project with the wider Warwick community.

Warwick Innovation District

Up to £3000 student funding to turn your ideas into a reality… The Lord Rootes Fund is intended to encourage creativity, innovation and positive impact. Open to all current Warwick students to fund a project (to be undertaken in the summer vacation.) Deadline 31st March 2021.

Warwick Institute of Engagement’s (WIE) Collaboration and Co-Production Fund

The Warwick Institute of Engagement (WIE) is seeking to support current staff and students to develop ongoing strategic relationships with local, regional, and national public partners. In time, these relationships will lead to co-production of, and collaboration in, research projects, innovation programmes and strategy, as well as collaboration on the discussion of research outcomes and the co-organisation of public engagement events. Awards of up to £3,000 will be available, to support activities that focus on building new, or strengthening existing, relationships, with local, regional, and national community partners, groups or organisations. (Applications in November and February).

Warwick Enterprise

Increasing numbers of students and graduates are interested in an ‘entrepreneurial career’ - starting their own businesses or being self-employed. At Warwick we recognise the importance of supporting innovation and entrepreneurship; key components of the culture and values of our University.

The University of Warwick is supporting student enterprise and helping the next generation of entrepreneurial graduates. The Student Enterprise Fund is aimed at students who have an innovative idea that solves an existing problem. Recipients of the Student Enterprise Fund can use the funds to make their project, social enterprise or start-up become reality. Students at Warwick have the opportunity to apply for a proof of concept grant of up to £500 per competition round, and £1000 in total per academic year. Recipients will also be offered a package of development support, workshops, events and networking opportunities.

As a start-up or creative business, by becoming part of the Creative Futures Incubator you benefit from desk space at 1 Mill Street which offers, state-of-the-art meeting rooms, world-class events space, a video and sound studio and great food and coffee. A subsidised co-working space at 1 Mill Street with 6 months’ worth of business support, mentoring and advice to develop and launch your business. This is equivalent to up to £10,000 worth of space and support. Applications usually beginning of September.

External Opportunities
Acumen Academy (online courses), Unloc Enterprise Challenge, Student Design Competition, Accelerator and incubator opportunity, Start up 2022, Hubbub, Conception X 2022, Enterprise Nation 2022

The Ingenuity Programme helps you turn your ideas for change into a business that creates impact. If you want to build stronger, more inclusive communities, improve the physical or mental health of those around you, or are interested in tackling climate change, then register for the Ingenuity Programme today! Hear from industry experts, and gain support from specialist mentors to develop your idea into a business plan. Then submit your idea to our competition to be in with a chance of winning significant investment and support.

Interdisciplinary Arts Research Project

The Interdisciplinary Arts Research Project is an exciting opportunity to work with a group of researchers from outside your department on a group project of your own choosing. Participants will be supported both in picking a topic that interests them and their group, and in creating a dynamic output through which to showcase their research. Participants last year were successful in building online exhibitions and even in creating a physical, marketable card game. The Project has been specifically designed to fit around your undergraduate workload and the main learning aim is to have fun working on a project that you are interested in with a group of likeminded people. This scheme is available to all second and final year students the Faculty of Arts. (Sign ups are in January) 

Warwick International Higher Education Academy (WIHEA)

The UK’s first institutional academy of educators, where staff and students who are engaged in developing and steering learning and teaching come together. Organised along similar lines to a professional body, the Academy aims to develop and embed outstanding learning and teaching at Warwick, in line with the distinctive nature of the University and the excellent reputation we have for academic achievement, both in research and teaching. The Academy also works to increase the recognition and reward of outstanding achievements in learning and teaching for individuals, teams and the institution as a whole. Students and members of staff from the University of Warwick are invited to engage with the Academy to develop, embed and highlight our outstanding learning and teaching, in line with the distinctive nature of the University and the excellent reputation we have for academic achievement, both in research and teaching. We host and deliver a range of staff and student events, activities and funding opportunities to support this.

Staff and students are welcome to become a member of the Academy, if they can show that they are making a contribution to teaching and learning in their department or professional service and attend our open Academy events. Members can join at any time throughout the year, whilst Fellows are recruited once a year. Staff Fellows remain in that role for three years and student Fellows remain in role for one year. Fellows are selected through an application and nomination route and commit to making an institutional contribution to learning and teaching at Warwick. At the end of a Fellow's Fellowship, they become WIHEA Alumni. There is more information on the selection process for staff and students on our Fellows page being a Fellow or a member will aid your career by making your commitment to learning and teaching more visible.

  • WIHEA Activities: Inaugural Lectures, Project funding, Seminars, Masterclasses & Workshops, International Activities, Learning Circles
  • WIHEA Learning Circles: Fellows can join a circle led by a colleague WIHEA Fellow to develop their expertise in an area that either explores new opportunities or tackles current challenges faced by Warwick and/or other higher education institutions across the world. This includes: Teaching Recognition & Reward (TR&R), Pedagogic Research in HE, Trans & Queer Pedagogies, Interdisciplinarity, Internationalisation, Peer Dialogue, Learning Analytics, Wellbeing Pedagogies, Module Evaluation, Authentic Learning, Employability, Racist Pedagogy and Process in HE, Co-creation, Learning from crisis, Student Voice/Experience, Restorative Justice in HE, Peer Mentoring, Neurodiversity and the Student Experience, Developing a Pedagogy of Public Engagement, Curriculum Review Framework, Enhancing the VLE, Diverse Assessment, Education for Sustainable Development, Inclusive Policy for Disabled Students
  • Funding Schemes: WIHEA seeks to recognise, develop and embed outstanding academic practices that enhance student opportunities to 'learn beyond boundaries' and in support of this manages four funding schemes:

Scheme 1 - WIHEA Internal Project Fund (up to £5k per project)

Scheme 2 - Monash Warwick Alliance Education Exchange Scheme

Scheme 3 - International Visiting Teaching Fellowship Scheme

Scheme 4 - WIHEA External Collaboration Fund (up to £4k per project)

Each WIHEA funding scheme has a dedicated proposal/application form and guidance notes, these will be made available on this page when the relevant call is open for proposals.

Job/volunteering opportunities:

Warwick Student Careers

Here to help you achieve your vision of career success.The Careers team are here to support you throughout your time at Warwick, and after you graduate. We offer in-person and remote services, flexible to your needs and other commitments.


Working whilst you study can offer huge benefits in developing your skill set prior to graduation. It isn’t purely about your academic achievements anymore; employers expect so much more. Unitemps offers a range of opportunities both on campus with University Departments which is the perfect solution to balancing work and studies but also off campus with a variety of external businesses for you to enhance your CV and develop new skills as well as earning an income and meeting new friends.

Warwick Internship Program (WIP):

Part-funded by donations from Warwick alumni and friends, the Warwick Internship Programme (WIP) provides opportunities exclusively for undergraduate students helping them to be more employable, while supporting internship hosts comprising of SMEs, Charities and internal departments of the University in achieving organisational objectives. Paid 6-week full-time summer vacation internship at Real Living Wage or above. (Registration in March)

Warwick Volunteers

Warwick Volunteers is part of Student Opportunity at the University of Warwick. We have a wide variety of opportunities for you to get involved in volunteering and make a difference in the communities around campus and the local area. We have opportunities available in Coventry, Leamington, Kenilworth, Warwick and online too!

Jobs at Warwick SU:

Warwick SU is an independent, not for profit charitable organisation which serves as the main representative body for students at the University of Warwick. We endeavour to provide our students with the absolute best in social, welfare and support services. We are one of the biggest Student Unions in the UK and pride ourselves on offering the highest quality support and opportunity to our customers and staff alike.

Run for SU officer:

There are 7 full-time Student Officer roles which look after aspects of the student experience at Warwick. These roles are full-time paid roles and, if you are successful, you would become an employee of the Union earning £22,111 for your one-year term in office (excluding tax). In addition to your full-time Student Officers, the Union has 9 unpaid Part-Time Officer roles. The majority of these are described as representative roles, meaning that they ensure that the voice and interests of a particular group of students are heard and represented. These are voluntary roles that you take up alongside your studies. You MUST be a Warwick student for the whole term of your office, which is 1 year.