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Warwick Internship Programme

WIP: “Your Career in Progress”

Warwick Internship Programme is no longer running as of 2023 following a decision to offer a more sustainable and wider reaching programme to Warwick students.

Going forward, we are excited to introduce WorkReady, our new, holistic approach to supporting students in being work-ready and preparing for graduate employment.

Please ensure your contact details are up to date on myAdvantage careers portalLink opens in a new window. We will be in touch when the new programme is launched. In the meantime, you may find these resources useful:

  • Getting Started with Work Experience (or search using – helps you to understand the different options of work experience and how to pursue them.

  • Work Experience Learning & Development (or search using – supports you to prepare for, make the most of, and apply learning gained to future studies and career plan in your work experience journey.

  • Work Experience Bursary WEB (search using – provides financial support for self-sourced unpaid work experience which meets the set criteria.

Please email if you would like further support.


Part-funded by donations from Warwick alumni and friends, the Warwick Internship Programme (WIP) provides opportunities exclusively for undergraduate students helping them to be more employable, while supporting internship hosts comprising of SMEs, Charities and internal departments of the University in achieving organisational objectives.

What is the Warwick Internship Programme?

WIP interns gain valuable work experience and a learning opportunity, developing their knowledge of the workplace and transferable skills that will help them with career decisions. Read feedback from the WIP 2021 interns.

WIP interns will benefit from:

  • Paid 6-week full-time summer vacation internship at Real Living Wage or above
  • Work experience to gain employability skills and insight of the working world, enhancing CV and work readiness
  • Project-work (mostly) internship based either in an office space, remotely or a combination of both (depending on business needs and government guidelines on social restriction)
  • Contribution to internship host’s organisational development and objectives
  • Learning and development support from Student Opportunity via WIP: Your Career in Progress e-platform, workshops and work experience drop-ins.

WIP forms

If your internship is awarded WIP grant:

Online resources

Important! Student Visa holders should check the Immigration & Compliance pages regarding work restrictions.

Interested? Follow these next steps...

1. Familiarise yourself with the WIP 2022 process

Watch the programme overview video embedded here while referring to the WIP Process Timeline diagram below.

It is important that you understand and can commit to every step and deadline of the process.

2. Ensure that you can:

  • Answer yes to all the intern eligibility criteria (details given below diagram)
  • Commit to WIP process and timeline (diagram below)
  • Meet commencement requirements of WIP internship as follows:
    • External Employer internship
      • UK/EU settlement students can start from Monday 27 June to Friday 08 July 2022
      • Student Visa holders can start from Monday 04 July to Friday 08 July 2022
    • University Department internship
      • All interns start on Monday 04 July 2022
      • Must be based in the UK (including Student Visa holders) during the internship.
  • Understand that WIP internship grant applications are competitive. Limited programme funding is allocated on a "first-come, first-served" basis and subject to successful recruitment. Student Opportunity funds only a limited number of internships each year subject to eligibility and availability of funds. Internship hosts offering conditional offers are unlikely to proceed with the internship if their application for a WIP grant is not successful. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Important! Due to reduced budget, WIP 2022 will be funding around 56 internships (99 internships in 2021).

3. Register your interest

If WIP is for you, register your interest (registering your interest does not commit you to participating).You will receive an automated email upon submission.

Follow the directions and self-enrol on the WIP: Your Career in Progress e-platform, where you can:

  • Access programme information including WIP process & timeline, WIP intern's commitment, and WIP funding application process
  • Follow step-by-step on the top banner which guides and provides support from application through to after WIP internship
  • View and apply directly to WIP vacancies advertised from Saturday 12 March 2022
  • Use the support before, during and after WIP (useful for all work-related experiences) to make the most of the experience.

Note: The WIP Process Timeline diagram and WIP: Your Career in Progress e-platform are your key references throughout WIP.

WIP process and timeline

Download the timeline in PDF format

1. Interested in WIP?

  1. Check suitability and eligibility
    • WIP intern criteria
    • WIP process & timeline (this chart)
    • Commitment as a WIP intern
  2. Register your interestLink opens in a new window
  3. Enrol with Warwick email on WIP: Your Career in Progress​ e-platform for programme info and support
  4. Attend WIP info sessions (refer e-platform sidebar)

2. Apply for an internship

  1. Follow step-by-step at the top of WIP: Your Career in Progress
  2. Understand WIP process, intern commitment and nature of limited WIP funding (internships may be conditional on funding)
  3. View vacancies & apply directly to host from Sat 12/03 to Sun 27/03/22​​ (refer to “How to apply” in vacancy advert)​
  4. Ask host for feedback if desired (template on website or e-platform)

3. Shortlist and interview

  1. Internship host to contact you directly if you are shortlisted for interview​
  2. At interview, check with host if internship will proceed without WIP grant ​(if not allocated)
  3. Ask host for feedback if desired (template on website or e-platform)

Mon 28/03
to Fri 15/04/22

4. Accept internship offer

  1. Internship host to contact you directly if offered​ internship - check if it is conditional on WIP grant

  2. Email host to accept WIP offer ​

  3. Submit Student Internship Acceptance form ​- available Mon 04/04/22 

  4. Reject any other offers

Any delay in accepting may affect WIP internship progressing if it is conditional on WIP grant

5. Internship host apply for funding

  • Internship host will submit Recruitment Outcome form to apply for “first-come, first- ​served” WIP funding
  • Host’s offer & your completion of Offer Acceptance form do not guarantee internship ​will go ahead
  • Hosts are not obligated to proceed with the internship if they are unsuccessful in funding application ​

6. Internship confirmation

Funding application outcome confirmed within 2 weeks receipt of matching forms*

from Mon 11/04/22

*matching 'Recruitment Outcome form' from host and 'Student Internship Acceptance form' from intern submitted via myAdvantage

7. Work arrangement

Successful intern confirm:

  1. Internship start date:
    • External Employer:
      • UK/EU settlement students start Mon 27/06 to Fri 08/07/22
      • Student Visa holders start Mon 04/07 to Fri 08/07​​/22
    • University Department:
        • All students start on Mon 04/07/22 & in UK during internship
  2. Training/equipment​
  3. Safe work space​​ in office, home or mix (remote work if social restrictions imposed)

8. Internship administration

  • Intern to action instructions in funding confirmation email
  • Intern to sign & return internship agreement & relevant forms
  • University department interns to register with Unitemps & complete Right to Work (& DBS if required)

by Fri 20/05/22

  • External employer interns to follow their internship host’s HR process ​

9. Prepare for WIP internship

  1. Intern confirm first day of work & onboarding details with host​

  2. Intern to complete induction and training ​

Make the most of your WIP internship by: ​

10. Begin internship

  1. Intern to record learning gained using online support (step 9)
  2. Intern begin internship (start dates in step 7):

External Employer:

  • Full-time work @ 37 hours per week

University Department:

  • Full-time work @ 36.5 hours per week
  • 4-weeks full-time work must be completed by Fri 29/07/22 for valid grant claim

Mid internship review with host should take place 3rd/4th week of internship​​

11. Your pay

External Employer:​

  1. Intern paid via internship host's payroll (PAYE, sick, holiday pay etc.​)
  2. Intern to submit Working Confirmation form and payslip to University for host’s grant claim

by Fri 29/07​/22

University Department:

  1. Intern paid via Unitemps
  2. Intern to submit weekly timesheets ​
  3. Host to approve weekly timesheets​

*salary inclusive of holiday pay - no holiday entitlement during WIP internship​

12. Internship end

  1. Intern to have exit interview and work handover with host​

  2. Intern to complete Intern Evaluation form

last week of internship

13. After internship:

Intern to reflect and apply learning & skills to studies & career plan with help from:

Intern eligibility criteria

The Warwick Internship Programme operates within very specific parameters to deliver a high-quality experience for all stakeholders.

To participate in WIP, you must be able to answer yes to ALL of these criteria:

  • I am a current undergraduate or integrated undergraduate master's student (e.g. MBio, MChem, MEng, MMath, MMathPhys, MMathStat, MMORSE, MPhys) of the University of Warwick until at least July 2022 (Note: Erasmus students are not eligible to apply).
  • I confirm that I am legally entitled to work in the UK during summer vacation 2022, and can produce if required, the appropriate ID and/or a visa to demonstrate this. Student Visa holders are advised to check the Immigration & Compliance pages for further advice regarding work restrictions.
  • If appointed, I am able to start WIP internship the week commencing 27 June 2022 (UK & EU Settlement Scheme students) or 04 July 2022 (Student Visa holders) with external employers; OR on 04 July 2022 and be based in the UK (all students) with university departments.
  • I am able to meet the WIP programme process and timeline.
  • I understand the programme funding limitation which involves competitive funding application process with ‘first-come first-served’ allocation. Internship hosts offering conditional offers are unlikely to proceed with the internship if their application for a WIP grant is not successful.

* Employer intern based overseas must have a UK bank account. It is the responsibility of the intern to ensure that the work is compliant and adhere to the regulations of the country based in e.g. securing work permit, paying taxes etc.