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CS Colloquium: Prof. Chenggang Wu, (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

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Location: MSB 2.22

Title: Enhancing software security through compartmentalization and isolation


Memory vulnerabilities serve as a crucial avenue for attackers to launch attacks against software systems. Through compartmentalization and isolation, it's possible to effectively prevent attackers from initiating attacks by manipulating critical data. This report will introduce the principles of inner privilege isolation, defense methods, and some research progress.



Chenggang Wu is a professor at Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences. He served as the Director of the Architecture Special Committee of the China Computer Federation. His research focuses on computer system security technologies aimed at systematically enhancing the security and reliability of computers. He has accumulated extensive technical expertise in program analysis, vulnerability discovery, code protection, and security defense. He has published over 30 papers, some of which appeared in academic journals and conferences such as IEEE Security and Privacy, USENIX Security, CCS, ATC, TDSC, TSE, TCAD, ICSE, ASE, TPDS, TACO, SIGMETRICS, PACT, CGO, VEE, and DATE. In 2022 and 2023, he received the CCS Best Paper Honorable Mention award, and Distinguished Paper award respectively. He has been awarded the Second Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress in Beijing. He has served as the General Chair of the CGO 2013 conference, the Program Chair of APPT 2013, and has served as the program committee member of PACT 21, PPoPP 17-18, CGO 15-18, CGO 22 and PLDI 12.

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