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Computing Your Future

A sixth-form conference at the University of Warwick

Wednesday 16th March 10.00 - 15.30

This conference is for sixth-formers with a serious interest in some kind of computing degree and (possibly) a career to do with computing.

The purpose is to give good-quality up-to-date information on both computing degree courses and the career paths that can follow on from those degrees.

We shall offer inspiration from the front line in current research on the remarkable computer-driven revolution that is part of everyone’s life.

We shall also investigate, with the help of experts, some of the most exciting areas of state-of-the-art computing – both practical and theoretical.

The conference begins, and ends, with a few short presentations given to everyone (we have over 200 visitors attending on the day). The main activity of the conference is in the workshops for which everyone will work in small groups of about 15 - 20. You will find more details of the Programme and the Workshops from these links.

This conference is one of several conferences being held at leading Universities, sponsored by Computing at School, and being held during National Science Week.

Our conference has been generously sponsored by the Institution for Engineering and Technology, the British Computer Society, Coventry University and the University of Warwick

We look forward to welcoming you on the 16th March and hope you will find the day interesting, informative and fun.

Steve Russ (Computer Science, University of Warwick, on behalf of the organising group)