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Registration for BCTCS (Local Attendees)

The ethos of BCTCS is to encourage all attendees to stay on campus and participate in all the social activities, in particular to allow student attendees to benefit from exchanges with many more senior attendees. For this purpose, we are not making registration without accommodation widely available. Please try to join us in staying on campus.

In some cases the organisers will point enquirers to this page to allow them to register at the lower rate of £180 which does not include accommodation. Please clarify with the organisers before registering using this form.

Privacy statement
The data collected on the form is used solely to manage registration for BCTCS 2009 and will not be made available to any third parties.
Spam prevention

Refund policy: In compelling cases, the organisers of BCTCS 2009 may be able to provide a refund upon cancellation. Until the 23rd of March, a full refund minus an administrative fee of £10 is possible. If a refund is requested between the 24th of March and 30th of March, the maximum refund will be of 50% minus the administrative fee of £10. No refund is possible after the 30th of March.