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Research Fellowships

The Department of Computer Science strongly encourages applicants for funded, open research fellowship competitions to consider holding their fellowship in Computer Science and its applications at Warwick. If you would like to apply for a research fellowship to be held at Warwick, please contact us in plenty of time.

There are several competitive Fellowship schemes to support talented researchers who do not currently have a permanent UK position, for periods of 1-5 years. These are offered by Research Councils e.g. EPSRC, the Royal Society, the Leverhulme Trust, and by the EU/ERC. All provide a full salary plus support for travel, computing, etc; some, as described below, offer funding for a research team. The person who wishes to hold the Fellowship applies via a nominated host institution (which need not be their current home institution, and several of the schemes actively encourage or even demand mobility).

The Department of Computer Science welcomes and encourages enquiries from prospective applicants. Please contact a relevant member of the academic staff or email the Head of Department, Prof. Ranko Lazic to express your interest in the Department acting as the host institution providing brief details of the planned application along with your CV. Please note that there are also Fellowships available to more senior researchers who already have a permanent academic position.

For administrative reasons, we need to know well in advance of the application deadline the details of your intended submission. We can also offer advice on the different schemes available as well as the associated financial and eligibility regulations. Support will also be provided throughout the submission process.

For further information about any of the opportunities highlighted on this page please contact: Dr. Helena White, Research Development Officer, Research and Impact Services. Email:

Royal Society

University Research Fellowship

This scheme is for outstanding scientists who have potential to become leaders in their field. Applicants should be at the early/mid-stage career (3-8 years post-doc) who do not hold a permanent post or early career fellowship in a University or non-profit organisation. Mobility is encouraged but not compulsory.

Duration: 5 years (opportunity to apply for an extension of additional 3 years)

Funding available: Fellows salary, research expenses and research assistance

Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship

This scheme offers a recognised first step into an independent research career for outstanding scientists at an early stage of their research career who require a flexible working pattern due to personal circumstances, such as parenting or caring responsibilities or health-related reasons.

Duration: 5 years

Funding available: Fellows salary, research expenses, research assistance

EPSRC Fellowships

The EPSRC Fellowship is a personal award which enables applicants across the postdoctoral, early and established career stage to design a flexible package to facilitate delivery of a novel and outstanding piece of world-leading research in an area of current strategic importance. There are no eligibility rules based on years of postdoctoral experience or whether the applicant holds a permanent academic position. Anyone wishing to apply to hold a Fellowship at Warwick (and who believes they might be eligible) should contact us.

Duration: up to 5 years for Early Career and Established Career, up to 3 years for Postdoctoral stage

Funding available: differs per fellowship type. Further details can be found at EPSRC Fellowship Funding

UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship 

A new joint scheme by the umbrella organisation of all UK Research Councils (UKRI), providing long-term funding for exceptional early career researchers who wish to join the Department from academia or industry. Please be aware there is an internal selection process for this award, thus if you wish to apply, it is vital that you contact the Department and Research and Impact Services team at the earliest opportunity. For details and the next deadlines please check the UKRI website.

Duration: 4 years + 3

Funding available: £1.2 million (80% fEC)

Alan Turing Institute

The Turing are releasing a number of pre-call announcements for AI fellowships. An internal selection process is often run for Turing fellowships. Please contact the Research and Impact Services team and/or Rebecca Silver, Research Facilitator in Artificial Intelligence.

Turing Artificial Intelligence World-Leading Researcher Fellowships: There will be no specific eligibility criteria in terms of years of experience. It is expected that fellows will have demonstrable international standing in their area,with the potential to add value to the UK AI leadership landscape and bring additional capability and capacity to the UK.

Duration: 5 years

Funding available: £3-5million

Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowships 

The fellowships are intended to assist those at a relatively early stage of their academic career and it is hoped that the appointment would lead to a more permanent position for the individual. Applicants shoud have submitted their PhD but have no more than 4 years postdoctoral experience, and/or temporary academic position.

Duration: 3 years

Funding available: £25,000 per year + £6,000 research expenses per year

MRC Fellowships

The Medical Research Council offers fellowships to support key transition points in a research career within its remit. Applicants should hold a PhD and have at least 3-6 years postdoctoral experience at the time of application deadline. Please refer to their website for more information.

BBSRC Fellowships

For researchers at the life sciences interface: Discovery fellowships (3 years) for researchers with a maximum of 5 years of active postdoctoral research and David Phillips Fellowships (5 years) for researchers with a minimum of 3 years postdoctoral experience.

Wellcome Trust

Sir Henry Dale Fellowship

This scheme provides support for postdoctoral researchers who aim to become independent scientists leading their own groups. The scheme is a partnership between the Royal Society and the Wellcome Trust. Any application must fit within the Biomedical Science remit of the Wellcome Trust. Applicants must have a PhD and significant postdoctoral research experience.

Duration: 5 years (you can apply for 3 more years after this time)

Funding available: Salary and research expenses covered