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Research Fellowships

The Department of Computer Science strongly encourages applicants for funded, open research fellowship competitions to consider holding their fellowship in computer science and its applications at Warwick.

There are several competitive Fellowship schemes to support talented researchers who do not currently have a permanent UK position, for periods of 1-5 years. These are offered by Research Councils (e.g. EPSRC), the Royal Society, the Leverhulme Trust, and by the EU/ERC. All provide a full salary plus support for travel, computing, etc; some, as described below, offer funding for a research team. The person who wishes to hold the Fellowship applies via a nominated host institution (which need not be their current home institution, and several of the schemes actively encourage or even demand mobility). Warwick has hosted several holders of such Fellowships in the past. We welcome enquiries from anyone considering applying for such Fellowships nominating Warwick as the host institution. Please either contact a relevant member of the academic staff or email the Head of Department Dr Ranko Lazic, to express your interest in Warwick Computer Science acting as host institution and to give brief details of the planned application. We need to know well in advance for administrative reasons, but we can also offer help in deciding which scheme is right for you and navigating through the financial and eligibility regulations etc. There are other competitions for more senior fellowships suitable for researchers who already have a permanent position; please contact us if you would like to apply to hold one of these Fellowships in Warwick.

Please be sure to contact us in plenty of time before application deadlines. For futher information about any of the opportunities highlighted below please contact Adrian Fowle, Research Development Officer, Research and Impact Services:

A calendar for 2018 of independent early career and post-doctoral fellowships can be found here:

Details of Independent Fellowships for 2018 can be found below:
Royal Society Fellowships

University Research Fellowship

Deadline: Early September 2018

This scheme is for outstanding scientists who are in the early stages of their research career and have the potential to become leaders in their field.

More information can be found

Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship

Deadline: Mid October 2018

This scheme offers a recognised first step into an independent research career for outstanding scientists at an early stage of their research career who require a flexible working pattern due to personal circumstances, such as parenting or caring responsibilities or health-related reasons.

More information can be found

EPSRC Fellowships

Post-Doctoral and Early Career Fellowship

Deadline: No specific deadline, however the EPSRC advises a submission by the close of February 2018 and by the close of September 2018 to meet the ICT panels. Detailed information on themes can be found at

Applicants are expected to hold a PhD or have equivalent research experience; however, there are no eligibility rules based on years of post-doctoral experience or whether you hold (or do not hold) a permanent academic position.

More information can be found at:

European Research Council (ERC)

Starting Grant

Deadline: Mid to late October 2018

ERC Starting Grants aim to support up-and-coming research leaders who are about to establish a proper research team and to start conducting independent research in Europe. The scheme targets promising researchers who have the proven potential of becoming independent research leaders. It will support the creation of excellent new research teams.

More information can be found at:

BBSRC Fellowships

David Phillips Fellowship

Deadline: May 2018

The David Phillips Fellowship (DPF) will provide support for researchers wishing to establish their first independent research group. The DPF will invest in scientists who have shown high potential, can demonstrate that they are on an upward trajectory with clear evidence of strong scientific outputs and leadership qualities, and are aiming to establish their own fully independent programme of research.

Detailed information on research areas can be found at:

Wellcome Trust

Sir Henry Dale Fellowship

Preliminary application deadline: 4th April 2018

This scheme provides support for postdoctoral researchers who aim to become independent scientists leading their own groups. The scheme is a partnership between the Royal Society and the Wellcome Trust. Any application must fit within the Biomedical Science remit of the Wellcome Trust.

You can apply for a Sir Henry Dale Fellowship if you’re already driving your own research and you’re ready to lead an independent research programme. You must have a PhD and significant postdoctoral research experience.

Duration of funding is five years. Full salary and research expenses will be funded.

Medical Research Council (MRC)

Career Development Award

Research Areas: Molecular and Cellular Medicine.

Applicants should have a PhD or DPhil and have at least three to six years’ post-doctoral experience at the time of application deadline, although applications with over six years' post-doctoral experience will also be considered in exceptional circumstances. Applications from existing MRC research fellows and post-doctoral researchers returning from overseas are particularly welcome. Applicants who hold a research-oriented MSc degree and have undertaken at least four years' appropriate postgraduate research work - such as in medical statistics - may be considered.

More information can be found at:

Early-Career and Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship Schemes

1851 Royal Commission Research Fellowship: Deadline 15th February 2018

L'Oreal UK and Ireland Fellowships for Women in Science: Deadline 16th February 2018

Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship: Deadline 1st March 2018

Newton International Fellowship: Deadline 27th March 2018

Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Wellcome Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Deadline 18th April 2018

BBSRC Future Leaders Fellowship: Deadline May 2018

Marie Curie Fellowship: Deadline September 2018

NERC Independent Research Fellowship: Deadline November 2018