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Professor Chang-Tsun Li and Dr Victor Sanchez Awarded an EU Research Grant

Led by Professor Chang-Tsun Li and Dr Victor Sanchez an international consortium has successfully secured a €2 million research grant for implementing an EU funded project, entitled Computer Vision Enabled Multimedia Forensics and People Identification (acronym: IDENTITY), for four years from January 2016. The inter-sectoral and interdisciplinary IDENTITY consortium consists of the University of Warwick (as the Coordinator) and fifteen institutions (four SMEs and eleven universities) from twelve countries, will investigate into the areas of source device identification, inference of content relationships among big data, content integrity verification and authentication, multimedia forensics and security, people identification through privacy-preserving biometrics and data fusion. The project will involve 46 researchers, mainly Early Stage Researchers in research, training, networking and secondments.

For further information please contact professor Chang-Tsun Li: