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Alex Dixon

I am an Assistant Professor with the Department of Computer Science here at Warwick. I have been at the university since 2013, where I completed an integrated Masters in Computer Science followed by a PhD in automata theory. I am part of the Theory and Foundations group, with a primary interest in teaching the fundamentals of computer science.

Teaching Responsibilities

I am the module leader for CS141 Functional Programming, and co-leader for CS130 Mathematics for Computer Scientists I and CS260 Algorithms.

I have been a recurring guest lecturer and assistant for IL031 Serious Tabletop Game Design and Development.

I have acted as a tutor for the following modules:

Other Responsibilities

In addition to teaching responsibilities, I have the following administrative roles:

  • The Department's Careers and Industrial Liaison, helping to coordinate student careers events and foster relationships with industry.
  • The Graduate Teaching Assistant Coordinator and Teaching Mentor, supporting our graduate teaching assistants in their critical roles as lab and seminar tutors.

Research and Interests

My PhD research area is in automata theory and game semantics, primarily focused around automata defined over infinite alphabets and their applications in programming language theory. This has resulted in a number of publications:

I have a personal and professional interest in the theory and practice of game design and development. I am interested in the philosophy of games (please do ask if you have a spare afternoon to listen!) and in the intersection between ludology and education.

Assistant Professor

Office: CS3.26

Office hours for Term 3 vary by the week. Please email to arrange a meeting or to inquire about the office hours schedule.