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Academic staff responsibilities 2013 / 2014

Head of Department
A Czumaj
Deputy Head of Department
SA Jarvis
Directors of Studies
  Undergraduate GR Martin
  Postgraduate Research AI Cristea
  Postgraduate Teaching NE Griffiths
Course Managers
  CSci And CSys S Kalvala
CBS RS Lazic
A Murawski
  MSc Computer Science and Applications
NE Griffiths
  MSc Data Analytics
RN Procter
  PG Research Admissions GR Cormode
  MSc Course Admissions HA Jhumka
  MSc Course Examinations
V Sanchez
  PG SSLC NE Griffiths, RN Procter
  Postgraduate Research Committee GR Cormode, AI Cristea (Chair), S Kalvala
  Postgraduate Teaching Committee NE Griffiths, MS Joy, GR Martin, RN Procter, JE Sinclair
  MSc Projects A Tiskin
  Deputy Director of Studies AH Bhalerao
  Senior Tutor MS Joy
  First Year Tutor S Kalvala
  Undergraduate Admissions GR Cormode, M Jurdzinski, M Leeke
  Open Days M Leeke, C Rocks
  Intercalated Degrees V Sanchez
  Third and Fourth Year Exams M Englert
  Second Year Exams CT Li (CS & DM) JE Sinclair (CBS)
  First Year Exams AH Bhalerao
  Third Year Projects JE Sinclair
  Fourth Year Projects RN Procter
Other duties
  Web Page Co-ordinator R Cunningham
  Seminar Organiser M Liakata, A Murawski
  Schools Liaison C Rocks
  Safety Officer TR Moore
  Staff Development Co-ordinator A Czumaj
  Data Protection and
Freedom of Information Act
JE Sinclair
  Library Representative MS Joy
  Equality and Diversity Rep Y Timofeeva
  Industrial Liaison and Careers V Sanchez, M Sviridenko
  Erasmus Coordinator Y Timofeeva
  Widening Participation
M Leeke, C Rocks, JE Sinclair
DCS Committees
  DCS Steering
AI Cristea, A Czumaj (Chair), J Feng, SA Jarvis, GR Martin
  Undergraduate Studies Committee AH Bhalerao, M Englert, NE Griffiths, MS Joy, S Kalvala, RS Lazic, M Leeke, GR Martin (Chair), A Murawski, V Sanchez
  CBS Steering
RS Lazic (Chair), JE Sinclair, M Sviridenko
  DM Steering M Jurdzinski, M Englert, D Kral, A Murawski (Chair), A Tiskin
  CS/CSys/CMS SSLC Coordinator M Leeke
  CBS SSLC Coordinator RS Lazic
  Research Strategy Committee AI Cristea, A Czumaj, J Feng, SA Jarvis (Chair), M Sviridenko
  Promotion and Tenure Committee A Czumaj (Chair), J Feng, SA Jarvis, CT Li
  Welfare and Communication Committee
GR Cormode, AI Cristea (Chair), J Foss, M Liakata, C Leigh, S Kalvala, A Murawski, C Rocks
University Committees
  Board of Faculty of Science AI Cristea, A Czumaj, CT Li
  Sub Faculty of Science AH Bhalerao, RS Lazic, GR Martin
  Senate SA Jarvis
  Graduate Studies Committee of the Board of Faculty of Science GR Cormode, AI Cristea (Chair), NE Griffiths
  Graduate Award and Nominations sub-committee AI Cristea
  Science Faculty IT of the Board of Faculty of Science RA Packwood, A Tiskin
  First Year Board of Examiners of the Board of Faculty of Science AH Bhalerao, S Kalvala
  Examinations Appeals Committee of the Board of Faculty of Science AH Bhalerao, HA Jhumka, JE Sinclair
  Board of Undergraduate Studies GR Martin
  E-Learning Steering Group MS Joy
  Investigation Committee Panel RS Lazic
  IFP Board of Studies MS Joy
  Web Publishing Service Board R Cunningham