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Meurig Beynon

Job Title
Associate Professor (Reader)
Computer Science
024 7652 3089
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Research Interests

Over my career, I have published over 100 refereed research papers detailing my contributions to mathematics (with particular reference to the discovery of the Baker-Beynon duality), to theoretical computer science (including the introduction of a notion of computational equivalence, and its application to the characterisation of boolean functions computable by planar monotone circuits) and to Empirical Modelling, a body of principles and tools that offers an alternative conceptual framework for computing with applications to human-computer interaction, computer graphics and CAD, software development, decision-support, educational technology and humanities computing. For more details, see the links to my research resume and the publications on the Empirical Modelling website.


I am an Emeritus Reader in Computer Science at the University of Warwick, now pursuing research and teaching in Empirical Modelling full-time. I obtained my BSc and PhD in Mathematics at King's College London. Before joining Warwick in 1975, I worked as a research assistant at the Open University, and held an SRC Research Fellowship in Mathematics at University College, Swansea.

Title Funder Award start Award end
Making construals as a new digital skill for creating interactive open educational resources (CONSTRUIT!) European Commission 01 Sep 2014 31 Aug 2017
Data Management for the JAM2 Project AP1 BBC 05 Aug 2002 01 Oct 2002