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Elisabeth Titis


My name is Elisabeth Titis and I am a third year PhD candidate at the Warwick Institute for the Science of Cities (WISC), University of Warwick. I am sponsored by the EPSRC and supervised by Prof. Rob Procter and Prof. Stephen A. Jarvis from the Department of Computer Science, Prof. Thijs van Rens from the Department of Economics, and Prof. João Porto de Albuquerque from the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies (CIM). My general research interests are in social media, data mining, health, and urban resilience. I also work at the university, where I assist to teaching several modules; in addition, being a music teacher, I teach violin, chamber music, and music theory. Recently, I have been awarded an Associate Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (HEA), recognition reference: PR146595, date of recognition 05/06/2018. Privately, I am passionate about companion parrots (especially macaws), WDCC collectibles, and I enjoy travelling and meeting people from various cultural backgrounds.


Starting in 2016, I have been involved in the teaching of the following modules:


My research interests lie at the intersection of social and computer sciences, with my project investigating links between diet and poor health, using network analysis, spatial methods and social media: "What do people eat and where? Locating 'food deserts' and predicting diet-related health risks with social media".

Transferable Skills & Extracurricular Activities

Recently, I was undertaking/auditing the following modules for enhacing my research and teaching skills:

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Elisabeth Titis