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Open Day 9th May 2009

Programme for the Department of the Computer Science

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science. We hope the programme below will be interesting and informative and that you have an enjoyable visit. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have as you go around, or attend the presentations. There will be plenty of staff and students around (the ones with name labels!) and we shall all be glad to talk to you. After all, the day is for you.

All the events relating to our Computing Degrees take place in - or just outside if the weather's nice - the Computer Science Building.

There are more events going on than are mentioned on the main published programme which you should have received by post if you are booked in. Note that some events take place in parallel but they are repeated so you can attend everything.

Doors open at 10.15. All the rooms indicated are clearly marked - also just ask anyone wearing a name label.

Meet some students. See their projects. There are demonstrations from 3rd and 4th year students of their Final Year Projects in the Foyer, CS001 and CS102 throughout the day (10.30 - 15.00). Don't be shy! Go and ask them questions - they will be pleased to tell you about their Projects and life at Warwick as a student. For more details see the other side of this sheet.

Degree Courses

There are display boards in the Foyer describing our four main degree courses: Computer Science, Computing Systems, Computer and Business Studies and Computer and Management Sciences, and Discrete Mathematics. There will also be staff and students nearby to tell you more and help with any queries. Don't hesitate to ask questions and talk to them.

Talks in the morning.

They last a total of 45 minutes beginning at 10.45, and are repeated one hour later. They take place in CS104 on the first floor.

10.45 and 11.45 Prof Roland Wilson (Chairman)
Why Study Computing?
11.00 and 12.00 Dr Graham Martin (Director of Studies)/ Dr Steve Russ
Computing Degrees at Warwick
11.20 and 12.20 Mr Bharat Bhushan (IBM Warwick) Careers with Computing
11.30 and 12.30 End  

Mini-lectures and demonstrations in the afternoon.

The mini-lectures each last 20 minutes, are being given by our staff, and illustrate some of the content and style of lectures given in regular modules on our degrees. Numbers are limited for the mini-lectures so please be prompt to ensure a seat. In addition to the student projects there will be various demonstrations given by staff or postgraduate students in the main areas of the ground floor and 1st floor.

13.00 and 14.00 CS101 Dr Meurig Beynon Adventures in a Lift ....
A novel approach to real-life modelling
13.00 and 14.00 CS003 Mr Rod Moore, Dr Nasir Rajpoot
Chips with everything
What goes on in the Hardware Laboratory
13.30 and 14.30
CS104 Prof Martin Campbell-Kelly The Origins of Computing
From Babbage to microchips


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about the Open Day please talk to Dr Steve Russ (or e-mail: who is one of our Admissions Tutors.