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Steve Russ

Currently ...

After retiring from the Department, as Associate Professor, in 2012, I am now an Associate Fellow. My main continuing involvement with the Department lies in being part of the Warwick team (co-ordinated by Mike Joy) working on the Erasmus+ CONSTRUIT! Project (2014 - 2017). For further details of the Project or the CONSTRUIT 2017 Conference follow the nearby links.

Research Interests and Activities

I continue to work on the principles and methods of Empirical Modelling (through the CONSTRUIT! Project and in other ways). I have long-standing interests in the history and philosophy of computing.

The history of mathematics has also been a theme of my research interests for many years - especially the work of Bernard Bolzano and his contemporaries. I am currently editing some volumes of the Bolzano Gesamtausgabe, I regularly help to organise Bolzano conferences and have recently started a Working Group on the mathematical work of Bolzano and his contemporaries.

Selected Publications

Steve Russ and Kateřina Trlifajová (2016) 'Bolzano's measurable numbers : are they real?' in Maria Zack, Elaine Landry eds. Research in History and Philosophy of Mathematics, The CSHPM 2015 Annual Meeting in Washington D.C., Birkhäuser pp. 39 - 56 See

Steve Russ (2011) 'The unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in the natural sciences' Guest Editorial for a Special Issue, Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 36 (3), 209 - 213

Meurig Beynon and Steve Russ (2008) ‘Experimenting with Computing’. Journal of Applied Logic 6, 476-489

W.M.Beynon, R.C.Boyatt and S.B.Russ (2006) ‘Rethinking Programming’. In Proceedings IEEE Third International Conference on Information Technology: New Generations (ITNG 2006), April 10-12, 2006, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Meurig Beynon, Steve Russ and Willard McCarty (2006) ‘Human Computing: Modelling with Meaning’. Literary and Linguistic Computing 21(2), 141-157

Steve Russ (2004) The Mathematical Works of Bernard Bolzano Oxford University Press, 728pp. Reprinted 2006. [Translations of some major works by Bolzano with commentary]

M. Beynon, S. Rasmequan, S. Russ, (2002) 'A New Paradigm for Computer-based Decision Support ' (2002) Journal of Decision Support Systems, Special Issue on ‘New Directions in Decision Support Systems’, 33, 127-142

In the past ...

Before coming to Warwick I taught mathematics in schools for several years. I joined Computer Science at Warwick in September 1985 and retired officially as an Associate Professor in August 2012. While in post I taught a wide variety of modules and contributed in many ways to administration and admissions. Six higher degree theses were successfully completed under my supervision: four for the degree of PhD, and two for the degree of MSc by research. Some of these theses are downloadable from the Empirical Modelling web pages. I acted as an advisor and co-examiner for many other theses.