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Sponsorship and Thanks

We are pleased to have received generous sponsorship from several sources:

(i) The organization of this meeting has been financially supported by the European Research Council under the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013)/ERC Grant agreement n° 203194 TRANH: "Tarski's Revolution: A New History. Semantics and Axiomatics from Bolzano to Tarski against the background of the Classical Model of Science" Principal Investigator: Arianna Betti

We are especially grateful to Arianna Betti, and to the ERC, for the above support which is allowing us to offer a conference dinner at a merely nominal charge and to cover the costs of the visit to Techobuz on Sunday for the final session of our meeting.

(ii) The main venue for the meeting is the Österreichisches Kulturforum in Prague - we are very grateful for their hosting and hospitality. Our thanks are due to Dr Florian Haug the Director of the OKF and their administrator Fr Sarah Polewsky.

(iii) A further venue for the meeting (Saturday afternoon and evening) is being provided by the Center for Theoretical Study, Prague which is also generously supporting some of our accommodation costs. Our thanks are due to Dr David Storch the Director of the CTS and to Dr Katerina Trlifajová for making this possible.

(iv) We are very grateful to Pavel Hájek, the mayor of Techobuz, who has agreed to open the Galerie Bernarda Bolzana especially for our final session on Sunday 18th April and to give us a short tour of Techobuz where there is the former house of Anna and Josef Hoffman

(v) Many thanks also to the British Society for the History of Mathematics for sponsorship which is allowing us to employ a 'meeting assistant' (Jan Radon) throughout our meeting.

(vi) Many thanks are due also to the Human Aspects Group of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Warwick. They are kindly providing (some) of the organiser's costs.