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Philosophy and Mathematics in the Work of Bernard Bolzano

small gif file There will be a small meeting in Prague in April 2010 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of Bolzano's work:

Beyträge zu einer begründeteren Darstellung der Mathematik, Caspar Widtmann, Prag 1810

Participation is by invitation. There will be no registration fee but also there are no funds available for participants.

The meeting is taking place from Thursday 15th April to Sunday 18th April 2010.

For most of our meeting we shall be guests of the Österreichisches Kulturforum in Prague. We are most grateful for their welcome and the use of their facilities.


*For the Saturday afternoon sessions of our meeting we are pleased to be guests of the Center for Theoretical Study (CTS). The CTS is the Institute for Advanced Studies at the Charles University and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. We are very grateful to the CTS for welcoming us and hosting these sessions and being sponsors of the meeting in many ways.

I am organising the meeting with the help of an informal Programme Committee consisting of

Edgar Morscher (Salzburg), Jan Berg (Munich), Jan Sebestik (Paris), Paul Rusnock (Ottawa), Peter Simons (Dublin) and Arianna Betti (Amsterdam).

There is a local organising group consisting of Katerina Trlifajová (Prague) and other members of the CTS.

To promote discussion at the time, and the value of our meeting, it may be useful that we share ideas and material before our actual meeting in Prague. A Forum has been set up for this purpose, see the link on the right-hand side.

Please send queries, comments, suggestions to me at

Steve Russ

*The image above is a detail from the oil painting by Heinrich Hollpein made around 1840 and now hanging in the National Museum, Prague.