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WSB Seminar 1st June 2010

Tuesday 1st June at 1.00pm, MOAC Seminar Room, Coventry House, Main Campus.


Speaker: Dave Spiller, Liverpool


Title: Cellular Imaging for Systems Biology


Abstract: Advanced imaging technologies can now provide a wealth of data on signalling systems in individual cells following different treatments and determine their effects on cell fate in terms of death, division or differentiation. Analysis of multi-parameter time lapse image series can provide data with spatial and temporal resolution ideal for mathematical modelling which is vital for understanding these complex dynamic and non-linear systems. This talk will outline the kinds of biological and photo-physical techniques that are available and provide some examples of how a Systems Biological approach can incorporate a virtuous cycle for gaining a better understanding of complex signalling systems associated with many ailments.



Tea & Coffee will be available from 12.30 in MOAC Common Room.