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Patrick O'Hara

I am a second year PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Warwick supervised by Prof Theo Damoulas and Dr Ramanujan Sridharan. I am an active member of the Warwick Machine Learning Group.

My research interests lie in the intersection of graph theory and machine learning. Specific interests include graph kernels, branch & cut algorithms, routing problems, parameterized algorithms and reinforcement learning.

Prior to starting my PhD, I was a research assistant working at The Alan Turing Institute (2019-2020) and the University of Warwick (2018-2019). Projects I was working on include the London Air Quality Project and Project Odysseus. From 2015-2018, I completed my BSc in Computer Science at the University of Warwick.



C. Haycock, E. Thorpe-Woods, J. Walsh, P. O'Hara, O. Giles, N. Dhir, T. Damoulas An Expectation-Based Network Scan Statistic for a COVID-19 Early Warning System, Machine Learning in Public Health workshop, Neural Information Processing Systems, (ML4PH @ NeurIPS 2020).


P. O'Hara, M.S. Ramanujan, T. Damoulas, On the Constrained Least-cost Tour Problem,

J. Walsh, O. Kesa, A. Wang, M. Ilas, P. O'Hara, O. Giles, N. Dhir, T. Damoulas, Near Real-Time Social Distancing in London, 


Speaker at CogX 2019 on The Alan Turing Research Stage giving a talk titled Running from air pollution: prediction, forecasting & routing (June 2019).


CS256 Formal Languages: seminar tutor in 2020/2021 & 2021/2022

CS260 Algorithms: marking in 2021/2022


Room: MB 4.17