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Mona Alotaibi

My name is Mona Alotaibi, and I am currently a PhD researcher at the department of Computer Science. My supervisor is Prof. Mike Joy.

I completed my BSc in Computer Science at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. And I obtained My master's degree in advanced computer science in 2017 from the University of Leicester.


2009- present: Computer Science Teacher – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

My Research:

Title: Internet of things (IoT) based support system for diabetic learners in Saudi Arabian high schools.

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  2. Alotaibi, M., Joy, M. (2023). Internet of Things Support System for Diabetic Students: An Exploratory Study. In: Arai, K. (eds) Proceedings of the Future Technologies Conference (FTC) 2022, Volume 2. FTC 2022 2022. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, vol 560. Springer, Cham.