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Peter Kiss

Me and Mazsola
Me and Mazsola

About Me

I am Peter Kiss, a PhD student at the Department of Computer Science, University of Warwick. I have started my PhD in 2020, June supervised by Sayan Bhattacharya. I have completed my undergraduate and masters at the University of Oxford, Worcester College in mathematics and computer science.

Research Interests

My PhD topics are algorithmic game theory and dynamic algorithms. Currently I am mostly interested in dynamic algorithm design, dynamic matching algorithms in particular. I am also pursuing research about streaming algorithms and communication complexity based lower bounds for the streaming model.

1. Deterministic Rounding of Dynamic Fractional Matchings (Arxiv)

Sayan Bhattacharya, Peter Kiss, ICALP2021, Track A (Best Paper Award)

2. Deterministic Dynamic Matching In Worst-Case Update Time (Arxiv)

Peter Kiss, ITCS2022 (Best Student Paper Award)

3. Dynamic Algorithms for Linear Programs under Relaxing or Restricting Updates (Submitted to FOCS2022, Arxiv coming soon)

Sayan Bhattacharya, Peter Kiss, Thatchaphol Saranurak

4. Masters thesis: Parity Games on Randomized Game Arenas, 2019

Research Outside of TCS:

    1. Deep Learning - based atherosclerotic coronary plaque segmentation on coronary CT angiography (European Radiology 2022)

Natasa Jávorszky, Bálint Homonnay, Gary Gerstenblith, David Bluemke, Péter Kiss, Mihály Török, David Celentano, Hong Lai, Shenghan Lai, Márton Kolossváry

Teaching Work

    1. TA for CS136, 2021, Warwick, Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications
    2. Marker for CS356, 2021, Warwick, Approximation and Randomized Algorithms
    3. Marker for CS260, 2020, Warwick, Algorithms
    4. Course Editor for Certificate in Artificial Intelligence, 2019-2021, Oxford University Department for Continuing Education

Conferences, Presentations and Prizes

    1. ICALP2021: ‘Deterministic Rounding of Dynamic Fractional Matchings’, Best paper award (Track A)
    2. BCTCS2021: ‘Deterministic Rounding of Dynamic Fractional Matchings’
    3. ITCS2022: 'Deterministic Dynamic Matching in Worst-Case Update Time' Best student paper award


I am huge dog person and a happy owner of a beagle called Mazsola. I love rowing, I used to train with the Oxford University Lightweights and my college first team.


peter (dot) kiss (at)