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Ongoing Research Projects

The below are the current projects I am working on. Do get in touch should you wish to discuss or collaborate - this might be particularly useful if you are an MSc student wanting to work on something in this area.

  • I am currently working on exploring trust in technology in academic settings, by undertaking a user review of a popular screening tool used in systematic reviews [Expected 2022]. As part of this project I would like support to develop a standardised dataset that supports further reproducible research in this area using as guidance the parameters set out by Olorisade et al. The project includes reviewing, cleaning the raw data, setting up the database against standard requirements, undertaking bootstrapping analysis to estimate screening system performance. This would suit students interested in reproducible research, bootstrapping, software experimentation and machine learning.
  • Global evidence on the rapid adoption of telemedicine in primary care in the COVID-19 pandemic: a scoping review protocol. Daniela Valdes, MSc; Lama Alqazan,MSc; Professor Rob Procter; Professor Jeremy Dale [Expected 2022]. I would like support to finalise the review proper as the initial screening is now complete. This includes thematic analysis using INVIVO, tabulation of data across the main themes, drafting of results (a template is provided). This would suit students interested in areas related to Global Health and telemedicine.