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Daniela Valdes

About me

I am an accomplished healthcare executive and part-time PhD candidate working on multidisciplinary research around digital health innovation, under joint supervision of Professor Rob Procter (Artificial Intelligence and Human-centred computing) and Gabriele Pergola (Computer Science NLP group) and Dr Dimitrios SpyridonidisLink opens in a new window (Leadership - WBS).

Through my research and professional practice, I am looking to transform organisations using data and digital technologies, more recently with a focus on Natural Language Processing and innovation leadership.

I hold an MSc in Economics (UCL) and Diploma in Global Healthcare Delivery (Harvard). My international experience spans private/public/charitable/academia/multilaterals including the World Bank and Deloitte.

More about my experience and trajectory can be found on my linkedin profile.

Research interests (updated Spring 2023)

I have varied research interests and I'm looking to collaborate with others in these areas. More broadly, I am available for speaking engagements and can provide a business/strategic, policy or operational angle to the challenges and opportunities brought digital transformation, (healthcare) policy reform and pandemics. Do get in touch for a chat.

  • Computational Grounded Theory. I use Topic Modeling applied to large-scale unstructured data text datasets to identify topics and build theory. Currently using this in the context of leadership in digital transformation. A pre-print will be published later in 2023.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Transparency and Intelligence Augmentation. In my professional practice I have provided strategic advice to healthcare systems and providers regarding the implementation of AI-enabled health services, dabbling in areas related to data privacy, AI transparency and health inequalities as we move to AI-enabled triage systems. I have open questions on Intelligence Augmentation and how it can balance AI.
  • Sustainability of Telemedicine. Currently on pre-print a systematic review of the sustainability of telemedicine in healthcare settings (community, outpatients, primary care), including its impacts on health inequalities and trust in the patient-clinician relationship.
  • Research practice and methods. Automation, reproducibility, systematic reviews. I have been recently reflecting on opportunities and challenges of automation in academic settings through the lens of academic software. I build upon established frameworks related to trust in technology and its impacts on research practice. I am particularly interested in systematic review methods and act as reviewer for reputable journals such as the Journal of Medical Internet Research and JBI Evidence Synthesis.


Warwick WPCCS 2023 best in session of Natural Language Processing presentation (swayLink opens in a new window)


daniela [dot] valdes [at]

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