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Saif Anwar


Saif is a 1st year PhD student at the University of Warwick supervised by Prof. Nathan Griffiths, Prof. Abhir Bhalerao and Dr. Thomas Popham. His current work is in the Transparency and Explainability of Aritificial Intelligence (XAI). His PhD work will focus on the context of AI in future transport in collaboration with TRL.

Saif graduated from the University of Bristol in 2021 with an MEng in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering. Saif's previous research includes communcation optimisation in federated machine learning and simulations of large scale LEO satellite constellation networks.

Previous Research & Publications

    • Large - Scale LEO Satellite Constellation to Ground QKD links: Feasibility Analysis, High Performance Network Group, University of Bristol |pdf|
    • Toshiba Bristol Research & Innovation Lab
      • System and Method for Adaptive Compression in Federated Learning |pdf|
      • System and Method for Remote Training of Machine Learning Models |pdf|


    • Teaching Assistant, CS255: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, University of Warwick
    • Lab Assistant, CS429-15: Data Mining, University of Warwick
    • Lab Assistant, CS413/933: Image and Video Analysis, University of Warwick