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Bashayer Abdallah

As a PhD student in the Signal and Information Processing Lab under the supervision of Dr Victor Sanchez, my research is about inferring a third spatial dimension from 2D images. Specifically, I am focusing on the field of monocular depth estimation methods to improve depth map prediction.
Monocular depth estimation refers to estimating the depth information of a scene or object using a single 2D image as input. In my research, I am working on various approaches to enhance edge detection, improving monocular depth estimation's accuracy and reliability.

My PhD is funded by Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research - KISRLink opens in a new window.


Signal and Information Processing (SIP) LabLink opens in a new window
Computer Science
University of Warwick
Coventry, UK CV4 7AL


Research Interests

Computer Vision and Machine/Deep learning with applications to the image.

Work Experience


Best presentation in the track of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (Problem Exploring) in Warwick Postgraduate Colloquium in Computer Science, 2023 - WPCCSLink opens in a new window.


  • B.Sc. Information Technology & Computing, AOU - Kuwait.

( Graduation project: Developing an image compression software )

  • M.Sc. Advanced Software Technology, Swansea University, Wales, UK.

( Dissertation: Geomentric Convolution Neural Network for 2D image segmentation )

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