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The First International Conference on Making Construals

The First International Conference on Making Construals (CONSTRUIT 2017) will take place at the University of Warwick in July 2017. The conference will run from 12 noon on Thursday July 13th to 12 noon on Sunday July 16th 2017 and will form part of the final Transnational Project Meeting for the CONSTRUIT! project.

CONSTRUIT 2017 will bring together participants from many different disciplines and educational settings to discuss, illustrate and reflect on the impact of digital artefacts on learning practices. The conference is in part a tribute to Seymour Papert, who died in July 2016. It also forms part of the final project meeting for the EU Erasmus+ CONSTRUIT! project, which has championed a distinctive approach to "making, thinking and learning in the digital age" under the banner Making Construals as a New Digital Skill for Creating Interactive Open Educational Resources. The conference will showcase the achievements and prospects of CONSTRUIT! while also offering a broad platform for engagement with a variety of learning environments.

Further details of the conference are available at the CONSTRUIT 2017 website. Online resources from the CONSTRUIT! project that are related to CONSTRUIT 2017 can be accessed via the Online Resources construal. You are also invited to join the CONSTRUIT 2017 Interest Group.

Link for the conference poster.



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