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Critiquing a Scientific Report

Slides from CS133 lecture 3 and some informal notes on it

Constructionism 2016, Constructionism as making construals: first steps with JS-Eden in the classroom, Harfield et al 42-54 [EM paper #131] A scruffy scanned copy. Good to make an online electronic version also?

The solar system construal

The triangle exercise

Figure 3: Creating dependencies

Logo in JS-Eden / Penny rolling polygon [See concluding remarks]

Exercises [comprehension]

  • identify the components of the report


    • identify keywords, references, unfamiliar concepts
    • constructionism
    • Empirical Modelling [fix Wikipedia entry!] / making construals
    • observables / dependencies
    • instructing / animating / modulating
    Where are these discussed in the report?
    • Appreciate what the students had to do to 'make construals in JS-Eden'
      • Figure 2 / Figure 3 -- creating dependencies
      • The triangle exercise: Figure 3 Task 2
      • Carry out the steps in Figure 4 to draw the picture
      • Carry out the tasks described in Figure 5
      • Consult the solar system construal
      • Reconstruct Figure 1
    • For each of the following passages / concepts from the report:
      • explain what you understand by it
      • identify ambiguity / potential clarification
      • identify the background knowledge you need to understand the passage and where it comes from (is it in the something the authors expect you to know? is it in the report? where else is it?
      Items for analysis:
      • procedural / object-oriented constructionism
      • observable / dependency [agency?]
      • student findings re Pythagoras's theorem etc (Figure 6)
      • clocking - implicit in Figure 5 tasks 9/10
      • instructing / animating / modulating

    What do you think are the key points in the discussion and concluding remarks? To what extent do you feel they are justified?

    Possible additional option:

    The Shopping Tutorial, iTAG 2015

    Shopping scenes might be useful in any event