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Post CONSTRUIT! activities

In its current form, the Construit environment emerged quite late in the project. It was always clear that it had some quite new features and qualities but its full potential (and limitations) could not be exploited during the CONSTRUIT! project. The development of new construals has continued (primarily led by Meurig Beynon, Jonny Foss and Nick Pope) and many of these have been directed at topics that are directly relevant to the theme of the CONSTRUIT! project.

Since the inception of CONSTRUIT!, there has been some interest in pursuing the goals of CONSTRUIT! from project students in Computer Science at Warwick. Kenneth Bugembe carried out a final year undergraduate project that was directly concerned with the CONSTRUIT! agenda over the period 2018-2020 -- this is his final report. It includes links to some relevant construals developed by Kenneth.