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Session 1: Posing the problem
  • What is the problem? Semantic ascent and the 'explanatory gap'
  • David Gooding and Evan Thompson
  • The Construit environment for making construals
  • Faraday and the computer
  • Making digital construals: some illustrative examples


Session 2: Practicalities and Programs
  • Seymour Papert and Charles Crook on constructionism
  • Modelling a room in Logo and Construit
  • Construals as 'objects-to-think-with'
  • Making construals for learning and software development


Session 3: An Experiential Perspective
  • From programs to construals
  • A broader view of computing
  • Making construals as making connections
  • Construals as 'objects-to-converse-with'
  • William James's radical empiricism