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CONSTRUIT 'Open House' Session

Monday May 1st 2017, 2pm-4pm in CS0.01

In connection with the ongoing international EU-funded CONSTRUIT! project led by Warwick, we have developed a state-of-the-art web-based environment for creating live interactive artefacts (aka "the MCE"). On next Monday May 1st, we shall be holding an 'open house' session from 2pm to 4pm to allow Warwick computer science students to test out this environment and give their feedback. The session will be free format and possible activities will range from alpha-testing of the MCE software to trialling learning applications for schools and higher education that we are deploying in our project. You will be free to choose what activity you engage in and expert tutors and observers will be on hand to give help and advice if required. The session will be held in the computer lab CS0.01. You will receive a ten pounds Amazon voucher for participating in the 2 hour feedback session.

To register for the session -- and give us an idea of the likely number of students attending -- please send your name in an email with subject line "CONSTRUIT 'Open House' Session" to .

All students are welcome: no previous experience or qualification is required.