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Issues for the MCE: November 2016

The cryptic list below records features identified by Nick Pope in discussion with WMB that need further consideration and development. In some aspects, inspiration is being taken from the 'JS-Eden2' prototype:

  • representation of execution history:
  • routine logging interaction
  • means to give feedback wthin the environment itself
  • implementing a project interface (and a more appropriate 'project' concept)
  • means to search the project manager
  • Ctrl^click to identify the file that was the source of the active definition of an observable
  • restoring the script manager, potentially as a/the live interface for interacting with active definitions: to be designed with reference to issues such as deletion of definitions, editing of observable ids and comparison with existing features of JS-Eden such as the Symbol List and the interface for JS-Eden2.
  • templates to be implemented / revisited (see existing non-functional button on the Browse Agents menu, and the sparsely populated 'templates' directory in the Project Manager.
  • annotation of the display / integrating text + display elements / walkthrough
  • dependency tree rather than map: a live view / object hierarchy out of dependency info
  • conveniently extracting scripts from tabs and titles of tabs in textual form