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The Construit environment

The Construit environment for making construals ("the MCE") is one of the principal Intellectual Outputs of the CONSTRUIT! project. The 'official' version of the environment as it was at the end of the project is at the url:

There are significant differences between Construit and the earlier variants of the MCE that were discussed at length in November 2016 and which reached their most mature form in the construit.c7 variant deployed at C7 in December 2016. The differences relate to:

  • new modes of construal/project presentation (most notably the introduction of a 'book' format that allows projects to be presented in a way that enables much closer integration of scripts and commentaries and is much less dependent upon screen resolution).
  • a redesigned and reimplemented project archive that gives much more convenient and coherent access to projects that supports private and public storage, forking and version management.
  • an interface that can present projects using icons as classified under a range of headings (e.g. featured, reference, starter etc).

For more information. the interested reader can consult the video resources and introductory construals presented as

A selection of construals and projects developed in the course of CONSTRUIT! can be found at the url:

A prototype curriculum for making construals and an associated open online course is under development at the url: