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The focus for the first year of the CONSTRUIT! project is on the first two claims concerning qualities of making construals. These are concerned with the accessibility of making construals and the ease with which construals can be comprehended. The learning/teaching/training activities associated with year 1 are as follows:

  • C1 - Warwick, UK October 22-28, 2014
  • C5 - Warwick UK December 11-16. 2014
  • C8/SciFest - Joensuu, Finland April 23-25, 2015
  • C11 - Joensuu, Finland April 25-27, 2015
  • C14 - Athens, Greece May 6-10, 2015

A link has been added to a page devoted to the status of the prototype open online course, and to miscellaneous resources documenting the work carried out in year 1.

With reference to the project proposal, the main agenda items for Year 1 are:

  • MC1a. Principles and concepts for making construals
  • MC1b. Principles of construal comprehension.

and the roles of the learning activities C1, C5, C8 and C14 are as set out in the summary of project activities.

An overview of key ideas behind CONSTRUIT! can be found in the slides for a talk at the Ecosystem for Sustainable Growth Services Workshop, Dublin, Ireland, on Oct. 30th, 2014.

Other dissemination activities included presentations at CAS Local Hub events in Coventry and Warwickshire on January 13th and May 19th 2015 and at Newman University, Birmingham, UK on June 29th.



ERASMUS+ Programme 2014
Key Action 2
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This page is a "working document" containing both public information about the project and private resources for the use of project members.

The public website for the project, which contains the official outputs from the project, is hosted at