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Workshop under construction

TODO for SciFest

Which JS-EDEN version? which browser? 
	need to get all core construals to run in it
	needs to support the StateListener and Network stuff
	needs to have a project list that matches the needs of the workshop to simplify loading

How is input to be given? - will there be a separate editor environment?
	Aim should be to handle all editing required (which should be minimal) within JS-EDEN
	Could alternatively try to have ready-made definitions etc to be selected,
and allow the novice to select from options Must handle the distinction between different pupils' accounts: sorting out histories / conceivably allowing remote monitoring [what if pupils run more than one construal on same machine?] acquisition of credit
- means all construals must run in conjunction with the Shopping construal in some sense? - some way of passing info about performance on core construals to the mystery construal? Devise the mystery construal ------------------------------------ Consider the link up with a physical lightbox device and the piano keyboard (need to see to what extent a keyboard sourced from Joensuu might be connnected) Make poster resources to accompany the 4 construals (a) about the overall scientific topic
(AI, four colour theorem, well-tempered tuning, construals in science) (b) about the specific construal being studied (particularly some 'OER-style' application) (c) about the hosting partner from the consortium Make 'labsheets' for the four construals ========================================================================================== Activities for the core construals ---------------------------------- Introductory activity - probably some scenes from SBR's intro to shopping Making a buying-capable variant of shopping _____________________________________________________________________ Introductory walk-through with guidance - credit gained as you follow demonstrator's progression Standard kinds of independent activities on the exemplar construals - reviewing a dictionary for the subset of observables the pupils have to work with - identify dependencies amongst observables - find discrepancy in construal - create a dependency Earn credit that lubricates the coin generation process - leading to ready purchase of components of the mystery construal ========================================== Other ideas to be oonsidered: --------------------------------------- ? must first identify which is your virtual location by consulting details of the sunset and sunrise at particular times of year --------------- Buying letters and making melodic fragments to build a tune
- compose tunes with melodic fragments have learnt? - possibly as a race - or play hangman type of game ---------------------------------------